pool floats
pool floats

Summer holidays can be perfectly spent in the pool. No one wants to get out of the water in that hot water plus it is fun and the whole family can enjoy. Pool parties are the most fun because there is water involved and who doesn’t like water in the hot summer season. Plus we all look to get those perfect summer picture on the pool floats.

Since most families spend a lot of time in the pool thus it is important that they also have some crazy fun games to play. You can always come up come with your own games but if you want to play the basic ones that most people know about then let us look at the most fun swimming games that you can play in the pool.

  1. Chicken Fights

The chicken fight is a fun fighting game that you can play in the pool. But the thing about thing game is that the whole family can participate in it from the kids to the adults. You will need your strength and your strategic skills to win this game.

How to play: the game is quite easy. There aren’t any complicated rules for the game. You will need a pool and two teams. Both teams should have the same number of members. The adults should place the kids on their shoulders and the two teams should face each other in the pool. Now to the play is to knock down all your rivals. You can start by knocking down the kids from the adults’ shoulders or you can simply knock out the adult and the kid will atomically be knocked out.

Rules: There are no rules to the game but you can make your own ones for the matter of safety such as no knocking on the face or no one can drop the kids in the shallow water. The rules depend on your circumstances so you can customize them according to your needs.

  1. Bumper Beach Balls

Bumper beach ball is a fun pool game that has been devised from the bumper cars. The game is quite simple and at the same time quite fun as well because every player can participate on their own in this game. You can make teams but it is not necessary.

How to play: The concept behind the game is similar to bumper cars. You need to give each player a huge beach ball that he or she can easily place in their hands and use them to push other players. But along with the beach ball, you will also need a rope. Tie the rope from one end of the pool to the other leaving a bit of space. Now blow the whistle and everyone has to use their beach balls to push the other players on the other side of the rope. The player who touches the rope is eliminated.

Rules: The rules of the game are simple. You only need to add some safety rules so that no one gets hurt. Disqualify any player who uses force to knock out the other players.

  1. Pigeon

Pigeon is a great swimming game for deep water thus you need to be able to swim in the deep water before you start playing this game. You will have to jump in the water, dive in and come out. So make sure that you have your swimming gear with you.

How to play: For this game, you will need, swim goggles so that players don’t knock off one another under water. All the players must align at one side of the pool and pick out a pigeon master. The pigeon master needs to speak up different words starting with the letter P and once he says the word pigeon all the other players will dive in and move to the other side. The player left in the water at the last will lose.

These are some of the best pool games that we enjoy during the summers. You can change the rules or you can turn them into something completely different to make it more fun as well. There are unlimited choices so don’t just stick to these games. Try to look for others as well and make the most out of your pool time.


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