Step 1 Let’s begin by weaving at the Fringe by adding each of the plaitings of the hair to one side only as you can See in the picture for a better look.

Step 2 Alright lets continue, check the above picture and move it up-to-ear and then using the longer hair to annex Thread usual pigtail and just make sure that is tight enough so it won’t get loose.

Step 3-5 At the time of reaching the center of the head, thinner tufts going to have to take the right-hand hairline and attach them to the right side of each braid one by one. Do a small arc and start to weave in the direction to the left side.

Step 6-8 This is an easy step as you only need to do the same that you just did to the left area as you have done with the right.

Step 9-10 As the last step you must repeat the process continues until you reach the end.

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