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There was a time when customers had had one or two options in support mediums to get the desired support service For business process outsourcing companies. But, customers, nowadays, have the luxury to get the satisfactory resolutions via several support mediums that include live chat, email, telephone, etc. For business process outsourcing companies.

Regardless of having multiple options, customers still prefer to contact companies through the voice channel. This clearly shows that how much customers are emotionally connected to this traditional channel. Hence, it is the business owners’ responsibility to render impeccable support service on the voice channel.

However, handling a stack of customer calls on the regular basis could give an exasperating experience. Here, the demand for profitable business process outsourcing companies’ services gets snowballed because they have a vast experience in handling customer service queries.

Do you know how to delight customers on the voice channel? Have a look at the below-mentioned pointers:

1.    Welcome customers in a personalized way

Customers of all ages expect a personal touch when they choose the voice channel to avail the desired support service. From the business’s perception, providing customers what they want is the best way to ensure a long-term relationship.

Therefore, it is significant for business process outsourcing companies to tell agents to welcome customers in a personalized way at the start of the conversation. This isn’t a difficult task to do as a short & sweet introduction is enough to impress customers.

After introducing themselves, agents should welcome customers to share the product or service related queries. Once customers are done with the conversation, agents should assure that the best possible solution is delivered within a short time span.

2.    Ensure the reliability of IVR system

A reliable IVR system plays a major role in making the voice channel more preferable. By means of IVR menu, customers can avail the expected solution without getting connected with agents. This is a win-win factor because customers don’t have to wait to get resolutions and BPO firms don’t have to deal with the pile of support service requests.

Furthermore, a reinforced IVR system comes with several advantages like stable CSAT score, buttressed brand image, and so on. However, it is imperative to note that an unreliable IVR system can bring adverse results to the table too.

Here are a few suggestions that could be helpful to streamline the IVR system:

  • Study customer feedback to find out the hidden errors.
  • Converse with support agents regarding the changes that should be made in the IVR menu.
  • Give a regular maintenance check. Centurylink

It is highly advisable for BPO companies to add an option in the IVR menu that allows customers to connect with agents. This is so because customers could be stuck in the loop of options if they don’t know how to get the desired resolution via the IVR system.

3.    Slash the average hold time

To delight customers on the voice channel, nothing is better than a reduced hold time. Ignoring this factor simply means losing an opportunity to make customers happier. Whenever customers place a call, they have to hold in the queue where other patrons are already waiting for their chance to speak with support agents.

When customers are done with waiting, they are more likely to put the phone down. As a negative consequence, there is a drop in the CSAT score. From the business’s perspective, it is awful. Even, the problem of high customer attrition rate could arise owing to the increased hold time. Also Read Amazing Viral Story

Obviously, we do understand that agents may take some extra time to exterminate intricate issues from the root. So, only one strategy that could be fruitful while keeping the average hold time in check is ‘Encouraging customers to use self-service or call-back alternatives.’

Here are some vital tips that could help to slash the average hold time:

  • Make sure that the available workforce is enough to deal with a pile of support service requests.
  • Build a knowledge base for the sake of swift deliverance of resolutions.
  • Go through the previous interaction history so as to get to know about those issues that took a lot of time to be solved.

4.    Be careful while ending the interaction

As far as the quality of customer service interaction is concerned, everything from starting to ending gets counted. During the customer interaction, agents often get off to a dream start, but because of carelessness, in the end, they fail to leave an everlasting impression on patrons. Consequently, this affects the CX levels.

That’s why it is suggested for support agents to never let their guard down at the end of customer service interaction as it also decides the quality of experience.


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