Data is the Future of Every Business
Data is the Future of Every Business

Big data refers to the massive volume of structured, unstructured and dark data accumulated and processed from various sources, including online and offline media.

Here are 15 enticing facts and statistics that you should know while deciding the benefits from Big Data analytics certification.

15 Big Data Statistics and Facts that Prove Why Big Data is the Future of Every Business

Data is the Future of Every Business
Data is the Future of Every Business
  1. 90% of the global data used by businesses and governments have been created in the last 48 months alone.
  2. 80% of the big data currently available in the public domain are leveraged by the top 20% of the Fortune 100 companies.
  3. 55% of the global organizations have at least one Big Data analyst or plan to hire one by the end of 2019.
  4. The amount of data gathered from social media and mobile phones account 50-65% of Big Data analytics.
  5. By 2020, smart phones and connected car devices would create new Big Data hubs and storage that can be leveraged by all modern businesses.
  6. There are only 6000 registered Big Data scientists in the world who have access to 12% of the Big Data available for research.
  7. There are over 10,000 Big Data research companies and Marketing research platforms that study 50% of the available Big Data information.
  8. Most businesses utilize only 12%-15% of their Big Data resources. With two more Big Data professionals in every organization, the Big Data teams would be able to handle 50% of the data by 2024.
  9. Data-backed decision-making teams can improve their performance and efficiency by 75% by 2020. This performance improvement plans would allow various industries to increase their revenue pool by $9 billion (average) by 2020.
  10. New technologies like the Internet of Things, Automation, Big Data analytics and Quantum Computing would save $1 trillion every year until 2025.
  11. Without data analysts and engineers with valid Big Data training and certification, companies stand to lose 5% billion every year.
  12. Bad data costs global companies $4 trillion dollars every year. With Big Data analysts, companies can reduce this bad data loss by 90%.
  13. Every human being with access to internet would contribute and consume 7 Megabytes of data by 2020. The stats would explode to 5 Megabytes by 2030.
  14. Successful deployment of Private Clouds and Hybrid Clouds would enable 67% of the companies to manage Big Data silos by 2020.
  15. Consumer data from Mobile phone subscriptions would take over all online and offline data collection sources by 2025. By 2025, every human would have access to at least one mobile phone subscription.

These Big Data analytics and training information can only be leveraged for decision making if the businesses invest significantly on their analysis and forensic investigation, storage and quantum computing. For professionals and students, Big Data analytics certification could open floodgates of opportunity in the industry. These are effective launch-pads for amplifying career prospects with the top data aggregators including IBM, SAP, Oracle, Google, Facebook, and Uber.


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