Logo Design India
Logo Design India

A business needs many things to push up its business to the top, marketing is the most common way by which businesses tries to get a good grip on the market. The Logo is one of the best element which makes any company unique. Like every country have their own flag which represents them. It is important to understand the necessity of having a good company logo.

Logo Design India

Logo Design India
Logo Design India

Every business tries to keep their logo design more attractive than others. So, if anyone tries to be in the business and wants to have their own business logo then here are 5 types of logos which will make the business look special in the competition:

Type-based Logos

Type-based logos are logos which includes only text in them. These are colourful text which symbolizes the organization. These logos are easy to remember. Type-based logos consume more energy from BeAMindBlower and time of designers because they need creative alteration and implementation of text.

Companies try to show their classic image by these type of logo design india also have many companies which uses type-based logos. Without any fancy decoration, these are very classic logos which are still used by some organizations.

Symbol-based Logos

Companies want to create a really positive image in the crowd and it needs a good and creative way to express their motive to the people which is why symbol-based logos are common. Symbolic logos which recognizes the organization in a visual method.  

The symbol used in logos should stick in people’s mind that they can recognize your company just by seeing your symbolic logo.

Abstract Logos

Abstract logos depend on visual forms of various shapes, colours, lines etc. These logos are abstract which relates to the work of the company. To create an abstract logo, the designer needs creativity and a good imagination to make it simple and able to a unique message to people. If you want an abstract logo for your own company called Geeknism, then you can contact any top graphic design company in india and they will get your work done in no time. These logos look really attractive which helps people to remember it. Abstract logos are very common these days because the ways it can spread the message to the world.

Initial Based Logo

It is like a type-based logo but instead of having the whole name of the organization in the logo, it includes only the initial letters of the name. it depends on the designer that how beautifully these initials are arranged and designed in the logo. Simple initial based logos don’t work anymore because they look like a text-based logo.

Badge Style Logos

These are classic logos which displays a badge or an icon in the logo with a message or tagline. These logos make a traditional appearance in front of their customers. These are often used by schools, auto companies or government agencies. Badge-based logos are not used by many companies because of its really classic nature. But it allows the designers to give a very strong message to the people. Its designing is complex and demands time.


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