Marketing in the Field Of Spirituality
Marketing in the Field Of Spirituality

In this article I want to make some technical considerations about the need to do marketing in the spirituality / personal growth sector, how to do it today and what are the mistakes to avoid.

It happens every day…

Yes, I happen every day to visit the sites of authors, associations, popular and personalities of spirituality.

Marketing in the Field Of Spirituality

Marketing in the Field Of Spirituality
Marketing in the Field Of Spirituality

What do I see from a marketer?

I see so much confusion and the excitement of most writing articles just to write them, to make videos just to get them, without actually communicating anything really necessary and organized.

Then I see websites dated 1963, with a thin blog and without all the additions that really make the difference between a sites that works.

Most sites have been made independently, perhaps using free services like Wix or bloggers or other free platforms, believing they can be enough to spread their message, when they limit your chances of success. Recommend for you, digital marketing agencies Adelaide.

Unfortunately only for a few works and works for other reasons external to the site. The site, for people is a secondary place, because these are known differently, at seminars, on YouTube or through their successful books.

I see a great desire to work on books, projects or new forms of healing and bringing wellbeing among people, but I still see it done in a confusing and fragmented way.

Therefore, in this article I want to give some advice as a web marketer and expert in the digital communication sector, as well as active promoter and disseminator of issues related to spiritual awakening.

The basics: the essentials of digital marketing

Let’s start from the basics.

What are the essential factors of a complete and functioning online reality?

A blog: the blog is essential if you want to write articles. If writing is a form of communication that you consider important in your work, you should not limit yourself to writing posts on Facebook, but you should write structured and organized articles on your personal blog. The blog is the perfect platform to let you know, to advise, to engage your users, to guide them towards the purchase of your product and more than anything else, to pass what is your energy, your style, the your point of view. Take care of the blog with an attractive design, with colors suited to your target audience and with the right additions to make it work with other web marketing tools.

Email newsletter: another indispensable factor. Today email is still the most suitable communication medium for any communication from you and your users. Within your site there must be forms in strategic locations that allow users to subscribe to the newsletter, perhaps in exchange for free and valuable content.

SEO: search engine optimization. With the advent of Google we all know that there is the possibility of appearing in marketing spirituality and personal growth search results for some queries. Today more than ever it is vital to offer new ideas, articles, products and services that cover the real needs of users. So it is very important to rely on an SEO expert to know the potential topics on which to be successful online. SEO is much more than just random keywords. We would have to write an article only on SEO (maybe one day I will)

Social networks: as we already knows, today’s social networks are the place to engage potential customers or those interested in our work. It is done by sharing contents, creating communities and directing their customers to appropriate landing pages, perhaps for the purchase of a book, a seminar or to download a free content. A Facebook page is not your site and it will never be. You must be able to integrate yourself on other channels like YouTube, Instagram, snapchat, telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr. There are several channels and each has different potentials.

Advertising: this is a sore point. Most of those who use Facebook for their business have not yet spent a Euro. It is essential, if you want to impact online, that you use advertising. You must learn how to advertise on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube or on LinkedIn, depending on your business. At the beginning it is normal to rely on an expert who can save you money and guide you to the discovery of the platform, and then continue a consultancy and periodic test report.

This was 5 essential points for every online business, even in the spirituality sector.

Spirituality must be promoted in fifth full!

I still feel this false belief that spirituality must be something mystical, something hidden and hidden and that must reserve places that are absolutely austere and devoid of a modern but traditional and conservative force .

I completely disagree. As far as I am concerned, all the themes of spirituality should be disseminated in all forms, in all places and in all possible languages, without exception, without restraints, even risking being misunderstood.

Murals around the cities, newspaper insertions, TV interference, abusive posters, flash mobs, demonstrations, communities, seminars, conferences, videos, video courses, books and so on and so forth.

The work today is to eliminate the veil of mystery that covers the concepts of awakening, spirituality, subtle bodies, reincarnation, etc. because they are the pillar concepts of the new era and must be disseminated as soon as possible!

How to start marketing really

To make a change in your online efforts, you need to get in touch with a web marketing professional who can intervene to correct your work and guide you towards a more effective and potentially successful way.

Author Bio: Jenifer is a professional video animator in a leading video animation company based on USA. She graduated from the college of Arts from the University of London. In a mean time she also maintain her own blog related to graphics and designing.


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