Protective Coating Companies
Protective Coating Companies

Protective Coating Companies: United Arab Emirates has a fast-growing industry, so it’s not a surprise that a large number of high level protective coating manufacturers can be found around the country. To help you get a better idea about this market, here is an overview of the best local companies that manufacture protective coatings and similar products:

Protective Coating Companies

Protective Coating Companies
Protective Coating Companies
  1. AMC Protection

This Dubai-based company has been in the market continually since 1996 and specializes in waterproofing jobs, as well as manufacturing of protective coating for a wide range of civicand commercial applications. Check out this post Ourblogpost.

  1. Protect Middle East LLC

Founded in 1984, Protect Middle East is one of the UAE manufacturers with the longest tradition in the market. Its headquarters are located in Abu Dhabi, while the company has ISO certification. In addition to protective coating, this company also produces sports floors and equipment.

  1. Hard Shell

As a global supplier of protective equipment, Hard Shell enjoys excellent reputation for manufacturing quality products, including the Liquid Armor Protective Coating for blast mitigation. The company is located in Sharjah, UAE  and also offers  Body Armor and Armored vehicles.

  1. Dubai International Reinforced Plastics

This company has a very broad portfolio of products, ranging from prefabricated buildings and fiberglass products to tanks and protective painting. As the brand name implies, its main facilities are located in Dubai.

  1. Berger Paints Emirates

Specialized for marine and offshore industries, this Dubai manufacturer has the expertise to develop excellent protective coating products intended for surfaces exposed to intense stress.


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