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Marriage is a life-changing event for any person. All societies, world over, place a huge emphasis on the necessity and significance of marriage. In Indian society, marriage is held in very high regards by all religions alike. The concept of Custom wedding invitation video maker marriage varies in different religions but some common values are prescribed in all the religions regarding marriage. Values such as the oneness of body and soul, long-lasting nature of the union, the sacredness of the marriage vows etc. It is no wonder then that Indian weddings are a huge deal. It is difficult to find marriages in other cultures matching the grandiose of Indian weddings. The present trend in Indian marriages is digitization. Social media is also a very important participant in today’s weddings.

It is in this context that the importance of sending wedding invitation videos is gaining popularity. It is the new trend in town and it is rightfully so. Wedding invitation videos are easily the best way to make your wedding even more special. It is the best form of sending invites to all your guests. E-invites have various advantages over the traditional paper invites. Some of these include-

  • It is feasible and time-saving.
  • It is eco-friendly.
  • It saves you from the hassles of postal or on paper invites.
  • it is innovative and new


  • com is a popular name in the area of video making and animation. We make videos for all types of events and themes as per our customers’ requirements. Coming to wedding invitation videos, we have a number of these, keeping in mind the different requirements of our clients. We have wedding invitation videos for all types of Indian weddings, may it be a Muslim, Bengali or a Punjabi wedding. In addition to these, we provide custom wedding invitation video services; herein you can help us in designing your invitation videos. All you have to do is provide certain details, such as your name, event, contact details and the idea you have in your mind. Our creative team will then get set on the task of conceptualizing your idea into the final form. Custom wedding invitation video maker is for all those creative geniuses that want to give a personal touch to their wedding invites.


  • Why Videogiri?


  • Videogiri has a huge clientele base because of the experience in this particular field and a work-oriented and hard-working team. This is proof of our high reputation and popularity in the market.
  • Any wedding invitation suggestion you present to us is strictly yours. Your suggestions, ideas and the final video will not be published or used anywhere without your prior consent. In addition, all the information you provide to us is private and stays only with us.
  • Whatever services you purchase, is directly from us. In addition, there are no hidden costs involved as well.
  • We provide the best of services without burning a hole in your pocket. The custom wedding invitation video maker, for that matter, is a great example. We allow you to get your message reached through your prescribed way, that is, your idea reflects in your wedding invitation. All the video invitations are created and provided in HD quality. All this and more, at low prices for you.


Customer satisfaction is our highest priority and we, at Videogiri always strive to achieve that, no matter what. The sum of our products and people is equal to a perfect wedding experience. Our customer support team and professionals are always available at your service.


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