Online divorce application service

Divorce is a very difficult situation with all the psychological tolling process which involved all the parties when the situation of the divorce comes so there is not just one way of divorce. Parties can choose or hire a lawyer according to themselves for representing them at the time of the divorce process; parties can also choose to work together with the mediator who will assist them at the time of crafting an agreement.

Each party can also choose a lawyer for Online Divorce Application and can work with each other and the lawyer has the goal of bringing a solution for the issues and has the intention of avoiding court. There are many types of divorce like contested, uncontested, or granted by default and they all have a difference.

Uncontested Divorce

This type of divorce is cheap in rate and it is the best way to resolve the condition of the divorce in an uncontested way. In this divorce, you and your spouse will work together for crafting an agreement for the terms of your divorce. In this you both you can get agree on the terms on the agreement and work together and in this way, you can avoid by going to the court.

Both parties can work together for the terms and then you can file divorce paper themselves in the court. They even can hire the collaborative lawyer for the attorney of the divorce.

Default Divorce

A court grant default to that divorce when the parties files for the divorce and the spouse did not respond properly after being they were served properly with the complaint and paperwork of the divorce, as this type of divorce can be used when the spouse whereabouts are unwilling and unknown to take participate in the process of the divorce.

Contested Divorce

In this contested divorce it comes to those when both the parties are not get agreed on the terms of the agreement of your divorce then you can bring this issue in front of the judge and then you will go through the process of exchanging of terms like settlement of negotiation, hearings, and financial documentation, even after this you are not satisfied with the exchange process then you will have a trial.

Fault and No-Fault Divorce

This is the divorce which is not granted unless there are fault grounds, those days have now passed but now we have divorce of no-fault. Both parties can choose fault divorce on the basis of the abandonment, adultery as this divorce can be expensive because of the litigious divorce nature.

No-fault divorce is that divorce where instead of proving that your partner has to blame for the divorce even you can consent for the divorce. Under many acts, they can Online Apply for Divorce and fill the affidavit of the consent within the 90 days when your spouse was served with the complaint of divorce.


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