Lash Boxes: Every business strives to make a lasting impression on its first-time shoppers so they consider coming back for another purchase. Customers are pretty meticulous about their shopping experiences, these days. They notice anything and everything from the way they get greeted to product packaging, if they ordered online, how many days it took to get their product delivered, was it the same as seen in the pictures and more.

So businesses need to be very particular about each and every step of the customer journey, one mistake can lead to not only loss of potential customers but bad reviews will do further damage. For hair and lash extension brands, the quality and layout of packaging are one of the decisive factors for a buyer to like a product. The packaging is vital to protect the texture of lashes from getting affected by moisture, heat, and shock that can damage them. So for lash retailers, it is crucial to pay attention to the design and finesse of lash boxes to get repeat customers and strengthen brand identity.

Finely Printed Custom Lash Boxes

Lash packaging that is printed with the finest stock and customization options will enhance the shelf life of your lash extensions. A customer who will purchase your product won’t have to get it replaced for a long time, which will make her trust your brand. There are a number of material and finishing options available for custom lash packaging; you can pick ones that provide lasting protection to your product. Ask the printer to share a stock book with you, have a detailed overview of various kinds of materials, their thickness, other features, and sample product ideas to make a smart decision.

Custom Printed Lash Boxes that Answers Questions

You will get repeat shoppers if they are gratified enough with your product and packaging. Make your custom boxes informative, they should be able to answer the questions of buyers in an effective manner. For instance, if the lashes have been used by salons for permanent extensions, answer the concerns of a user who might be allergic to certain chemicals or fake hair. Don’t miss out on any of the important customer queries on your custom lash boxes; this will establish your image as a professional brand that offers quality and convenience to shoppers.

Themed and Colorful Lash Boxes  

An interesting theme for your lash boxes wholesale will stir the interest of buyers and they would like to shop again to check out if you have something new and invigorating. Do research on the psychographics of your customer base to know their inclinations; you can have themed and lively lash packaging boxes designed to appeal to their aesthetic sense. This will make the buyers remember your business and product, they will come back to check out your lash packaging again.

Building rapport with customers through packaging is tricky but you can share your cause on the boxes to enlighten them about your brand. If you are contributing to an environmental or social cause, highlight it on your lash boxes wholesale. Share your social media profile details on packaging boxes to build a community of customers and influencers. Be interactive through your packaging, this will sway the buyers into staying connected with your brand and make repeat purchases.


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