Zero-Touch – A seamless ordering system for All Local Businesses

Are you serious about your establishment at work? You can try out a zero-touch enrolment to keep up with the latest strategy at work. With the spread of this pandemic situation, COVID-19 Coronavirus the risk factor at work has increased. Many local businesses are continually suffering. Local business makes their bread by working on the strategies that sustain safety and social distancing at work.

Beneficial enterprise management

When we are visiting the local business brands for our day to day needs, we understand how drastic the situation has become. Through Zero-touch, you get to analyze the streamlined process at Android devices beneficial for enterprise management. This ordering system is looking forward to establishing more concrete features within the affordable price, which will be available to all local business owners with a one-time investment.

Three simple steps to start off

In the first boot process, devices check out if there is an assignment to be fulfilled. Even after so much of pandemic, many people need to go out for work and some walkout voluntarily. The process works in three simple steps. They enlist below:

  • The customer scans the barcode
  • Customer ordering the items
  • The item is packed and delivered to the doorstep of the customer
  • Station IDs and table Numbers
  • Access the Cloud SAAS App without installing and downloading

The steps are too easy to try, and you can do it yourself through the Android application on your device.  Zero-touch promoted no touching and maintaining social distancing during this pandemic situation. It is to create rooms for a better life in the upcoming years. It is renowned as the best contactless ordering system in the long run.

Benefits of using Zero Touch

There are immense benefits of Zero-touch ordering system. It offers the advantage of a seamless deployment method that looks for corporate-owned Android devices preparing large scale roll-outs easy, fast, and secure for all organizations, IT sectors, and also employees. The lists of benefits are here-

  • Any local business brand can enable the use of Zero-Touch
  • Minimizing the contact of the customer and maintain social distancing with safety
  • Processing of orders without the hassle of any queues
  • Ensures the growth of business with no complaint and secure processes
  • Easy and flexible to use and is user friendly
  • Payments are received contactless with social distancing
  • Saves an ample amount of time and removes the human error of disturbances and confusion at work completion

The company serves the local business brands as well as the customers with the best features at work and helping them with the simple scan processing of the barcode and moving ahead happily. The experts working at Zero-Touch are profound with knowledge and work with full dedication and excellence at work.  The Zero-touch works both for users as well as Resellers the best in all terms and conditions.

In-built features and its use

Zero Touch is a registered hallmark for the online ordering system. It is simple and easy to configure devices with all online strategies enforced in proper management. Employees can open the box and take down the order concurrently. The incredible in-built features matter a lot. They are as follows:

  • Branches identifier
  • Making own category
  • Zero Touch ordering PayPal
  • Cash on Delivery available
  • Add-ons for every item
  • Ordering management
  • Barcode maker
  • Frond end websites
  • Backend client access
  • Panels to create prospective clients

Compatible with all Android system

With Zero-Touch enrolment, you need to abide by specific requisites at work. You will require a compatible device running the Android Oreo or any Pixel Phone with Android Nougat purchased from reseller contact or partner. When you visit the zero-touch device collection, you get to see the list of compatible devices that are supported by the ordering system. You might also require an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider which supports the fully managed device listings.



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