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“Study hard”, everybody says. But we recommend that you study smart!

‘Studious’ is always imagined to be a nerd surrounded by books all day. The fact is that to succeed academically, you need to devote time to other things in life, along with studies. International schools in Abu Dhabi encourage students to participate in various extra-curricular and co-curricular activities while focusing on academics. To come out with flying colours, a student must devote adequate time for studies and incorporate useful strategies that will enhance the effectiveness of their study efforts.

Each student has a different approach and preference when it comes to studying. Here are a few strategies you could incorporate as a school student before the abu dhabi indian school admission:

  1. Distraction-free zone:

Organize your study space- keep it clean and tidy, away from distractions and amid silence. Only keep what you absolutely need around you. Ensure that you have your study material in place, so you do not have to get up and search for it in between your study time. Leave your electronics behind.

  1. Explore the art of note-making:

Studying can get mundane and monotonous. You will need to be creative in the way you study. We often think we’ll remember everything, but our mind tends to erase information and replace it with new information. Chances are, you’ll forget everything by the time you approach your test. Thus, it’s important to get familiar with the art of note-taking, which helps you make a note of important pointers. Get creative while writing- use boldface words and headings, use different colours, highlight important words, use sticky notes, and make diagrams.

Read out Loud!

When you hear something multiple times, your mind will register it. Many people memorize through sound, and if you are one of them, you must incorporate this strategy into your study time. Read your course material to yourself loudly as you study. Lock yourself up in a room and read loudly. If possible, record yourself and listen to it continuously over time. You can listen to it while you’re travelling and doing other things too. Such an effort will help you memorize better.

Study Buddies

The term generally used is “classmate peer-coaching.” You can study with a close friend or peer from your class. Divide the workload amongst yourselves and then talk it out to each other. When you teach someone else, you automatically learn better. And when a friend teaches you, your mind tends to pay full attention and therefore registers the information well. Study buddies make learning fun and exciting.

  1. Polish your Time-management skills

A student’s schedule can get chaotic from attending school, coaching classes, completing assignments, traveling, etc. This might get overwhelming, and the student will not give their full attention to any task. Getting caught up in this cycle will make the child less productive and unsuccessful in school. Good time management means planning the week/month. Indian and international schools in Abu Dhabi ensure that you dedicate time to academics, physical activities, and leisure!

Maintain a calendar or checklist

A checklist or calendar helps keep track of incomplete work and gives you an account of accomplished tasks. Prioritize your studies, and on completing them, you may give yourself a treat! The practice of maintaining a list will make you feel confident, boost your self-esteem, and motivate you to complete upcoming tasks.

Don’t wait until the last minute.

Last but not least, start preparing early. Many students wait for exams to be scheduled before they start studying. We suggest that you don’t waste time and study regularly. Don’t forget to take breaks and include time for leisure in your daily schedule. A healthy mind will help you succeed academically.

Follow these tips diligently to get the success you need as a student.


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