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Education has the ability to make or break a child’s life. While many schools continue to believe in and focus solely on academics, this is changing. Schools have realized the importance of integrating overall development in their students. Like most Indian cities, Ahmedabad has a broad and fantastic range of schools, thereby giving you numerous opportunities for high school admission for your child.

The city is undoubtedly one of the major centers for higher education in India, dating back to the pre-independence period.

In 2001, Ahmedabad’s literacy rate was 79.89 percent, but it has since risen to 89.62 percent.

If you’re looking for a good school in Ahmedabad for your child, given below is a list of schools you can refer to:

GIIS Ahmedabad

GIIS is one of Ahmedabad’s premier institutions, with a reputation for academic quality and an innovative approach to education. It is undoubtedly a prestigious international school in Ahmedabad with a world-class campus and exceptional facilities fostering knowledge and fostering a pleasant atmosphere.

GIIS covers everything from thematic morning sessions that focus on domestic and internationally important themes to its array of academic and activity-based activities. The school also provides educational scholarships. The Leadership Lecture Series also exists wherein students interact with industry experts and famous personalities for inspiration and drive, competitions, and field trips that help the child’s physical, mental, and spiritual growth.

Ahmedabad International School (AIS)

The school provides a variety of opportunities. Your child can opt to study the Gujarat state syllabus or the Cambridge examination system after class 7. Following the completion of Grade X, the same alternatives are available. Children can continue with the Gujarat state curriculum while opting for Cambridge A Level or the International Baccalaureate.

Mahatma Gandhi International School

Mahatma Gandhi International School offers classes right from Kindergarten to Class XII. Until Grade 12, the school uses the Cambridge examination system, except Class XII, which uses the International Baccalaureate system. The school follows the concept of systematic and creative learning spaces to organize its physical buildings and structures where wholesome teaching can occur in the classroom and all the other spaces.

Every classroom is bright and roomy, with well-equipped laboratories, libraries, and other amenities. If this is the first time you’ve explored this type of school for your child, you should take a tour to determine if it’s the right fit for them. Your child will undoubtedly benefit from the different peer groups and instructional communities.

Shanti Asiatic School

Shanti Asiatic is a coeducational day boarding school with classes ranging from pre-primary to XII. It contains large classrooms, libraries, labs, and outdoor sporting facilities such as a football field, athletic track, basketball court, cricket pitch, and a volleyball court.

The school even has tennis and badminton courts, yoga rooms, and table tennis facilities for indoor activities. It even has a fully furnished infirmary and a visiting doctor for the students to ensure children are healthy and safe at all times.

With schools in almost every corner of the city, you must take your time to select a school where your child will feel able to perform best and be comfortable at the same time. Always keep in mind to pick a school that isn’t just focused solely on grades or marks, but rather on developing and molding each child into their best self.


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