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So you have decided to go abroad for your study and now you are going to fly thousands of miles away from your country and your home also? If you are going first time abroad and flying internationally, then this can be an incredible journey altogether. There are lots of thoughts running in your mind such as how you will manage there? How you will make friends there? How to manage with food?

Here are some types of myths that do not hold true anymore, so you can learn these study abroad myths-

Making friends abroad while studying will be very hard:

This myth is not true, because making friends depend on person to person. For some people, it is very easy to make friends anywhere, and for some, it is a difficult task. Making friends depends on your nature. Mostly all the universities and colleges host a variety of programs like welcome to fresher and formal

Intro class so that students may know each other. When you know name and give intro many times then you can easily familiar with those.

Only rich people can afford to study abroad:

I want to study abroad, but I can’t afford it? If you think only rich people can afford to study in abroad. The best benefit that international study can bring to one’s career is the best. Study abroad anywhere- it is not going to be costly. Many of the financial support services are available for study abroad, because they give you scholarships for international students, or sometimes they provide some discount on your fee.

Studying abroad is dangerous:

Mostly all countries are very safe for students. They provide good food, good environment for students from a different country. In case if you have any difficulty then you can contact your warden or teacher they may help you in each case.

Before you go to any college or university abroad then first you check through Google and see all the facilities and you can also contact them. So you don’t worry about studying abroad in dangerous.

You will miss out on back home:

When you are so far from your home and there is no doubt the fact that you are going to miss your family, cousins, and old bunch of friends. It is just that overall experience will help you to discover to understand more of the culture.

When you are living in abroad for two and three years then you are familiar with your friends. And you will not miss your family in another country. So, we have shred few common study abroad myths.


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