Get A High Rank In Exams
Get A High Rank In Exams

As a student, you have a complete idea about what to study and when to study. These ideas work well for Schools and Colleges. But the main question is do your teachers teach you how to study? It’s a truth that no one teaches you how to study. Every day, many researchers work to finding the best ways for effective learning in a scientific manner. These ways will help us for note taking, textbook reading, memorizing and effective reviewing, all of them are important for cracking competitive entrance exams. To achieve the first rank in your exam result, you will have to stay disciplined and study hard throughout the exam time. Take part in class activities and do all of your homework on time, including reading assignments. Organize your study time, test yourself, and eliminate distractions that will reduce your productivity.

Here we have steps that will lead you to success.

Sync Your Class Timetable and Home Study Schedule

You have to revise all the topics taught by the teacher as soon as you come from the classes. At the weekend, we advise you to make a test paper for yourself and request you to solve in examination time. You take help from your teachers and friends for the question paper.

  1. Study In Short Sessions

Psychologists have found that if a student studies in short sessions than he can perform better then long sessions. It means if the student follows the well-planned study schedule then the chances to get success in exams are higher. When we study for a limited time, our mind works more efficiently. It is proved that during the study breaks, our mind absorbs the information automatically. If you want to improve memory instantly then try to learn dates and events, name of countries and their capitals, other languages or math formula. We advise you to study for 20-30 minute in a single stretch.

  1. Do Not Study When You are Sleepy

If you study when feel sleepy is a total waste of time. The researchers have found that if you study with sleepy eyes then you learn nothing. If you feel sleepy but want to study then take a quick nap for 15-20 minute.

  1. Don’t Use Mobile During Study

If you are studying then say bye to your mobile phones during it. When you use the phone your mind diverts towards it. At the same time don’t use social media platforms during study hours. A mobile phone can distract you from the studies. If it is very urgent or needful to use mobile then use it but as the work did to leave your phone. Visit here gallons to pints.

  1. Mark Important Lines With Markers

If you are good in studies or want to be, then use the colour markers for highlighting the important topics. You should colour the ideas in red, the dates can be kept in blue with the other facts in colours such as green or yellow. You can use the colours as you want, but remember the format for revising faster. This strategy will help you for a long time learning.


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