Popular courses to consider after BA
Popular courses to consider after BA

Completing your graduation from a recognized university or institution in the field of arts is something that can be called achieving a milestone in your career path. After three years of hard work and you get the degree in your hand, you surely are met with a sense of awe and even nostalgia. However, since this was just a phase, there are more upcoming challenges that are coming up. Therefore, if you are interested in academics, then some of the courses that you can take up after you have completed your BA are as follows:

Popular courses

  • MBA-

If you are planning on to do an MBA after BA, then suitably you stand a chance to be a part of some of the most prestigious management institutions. This is a good way to keep your career focus on track and you can even get good placement opportunities as well. Students from all sorts of backgrounds can join the MBA program, which is for two years, thereby adding to your experience.

  • LLB-

Studying law is yet again one of the major things that you can do after you have completed your BA program. There are various LLB courses, starting from the 5 years program to even diploma courses as well. Students can think of the direction, before finalizing on the admission scenario.

  • MA-

If you have happened to complete your Bachelor of Arts program in a particular subject and you wish to continue with it, then Master of Arts is yet again an option that you must totally go for. This field enables you to be a little more knowledge and gain more insight into your own stream. After that, you can even go for your Ph.D. studies as well. Therefore, you have a great chance of being a professor or a lecturer at a university.

  • Postgraduate diploma-

After you have completed your BA, you can also do some post-graduate diploma courses as well. There are so many sectors that offer huge advantages in doing diploma courses and you can seek to find them out and eventually take admission. Such courses not only help you in increasing your expertise but also help in better knowledge as well.

  • Certificate courses-

Along with diploma courses, there are short term certificate courses as well. Such courses can be taken up in learning foreign languages or some other subject, which would enable you to be a complete professional. Such courses can be taken online as well from reputed institutes.

Professional courses that can be taken up:

If you are no longer interested in your academics, then probably, some of the options that can well suit you happen to be the following:

  • A career in aviation-

After you have completed your BA, you can totally dive into another world of career, thus starting with the aviation industry. There are huge opportunities for graduates here in this sector and whatever sector you want to join, you can simply fill up the forms, go through some tests and then join as a trainee. During the training period, you are taught the ways the work and on successful completion, you can relatively perform the job done in the industry.

  • A career in travelling-

If you are interested in travel and tourism, then a career in traveling is again not a bad option to go for after you have completed your BA. The Opportunities are endless here and you get much exposure to the type of work that would be allotted to you in a particular field. There are perks as well but you must be able to be complete some courses here before you secure a job in this sector.

  • A career in content management-

Freelancing and even work from home is a great option after graduation and you can primarily start a career in content management. You can contribute to writing articles in various sectors and also edit them. You can also start your own blog and start publishing some articles from time to time.

Therefore, if you look around, you would probably see the options that are available. While the opportunities are endless, you might as well keep looking for more and just soon as you find it, you must be able to grab it.


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