Leadership skills play a significant role to help an organization grow. Having a strong leader often leads to the success of organizational growth. Every industry and organization need a great leader, to help manage different areas in an organization, make informed decisions, and make your business grow.

But how do you instill leadership qualities in an employee? Being a manager isn’t always about you, it is about preparing the existing employees for leadership roles for the good of their career. Not every employee who takes on a leadership role is prepared to lead the organization. It gets challenging for an employer to promote someone for a managerial position only to find the candidate is not prepared for the job role.

Regardless of whatever role the employee previously had, leading others is altogether a different task and requires different skill and it doesn’t come easily to everyone. The HR leaders’ role play a vital significance in understanding the broader perspective and processes of how to drive growth in the organization.

Here are some concrete ways on how to prepare employees for leadership roles.

  • Assign employees with projects and tasks

When you’re assigning certain projects and assignments, ensure to ask your employees to take over a few managerial duties. Add on new skills to the projects and assignments, this will not just help the employee in terms of gaining a new skill set but will also help one have the thrive to learn something that he/she has never worked upon previously.

For an instance, you can ask an employee to take up a presentation and present them on your behalf. Delegating responsibilities will help employees gain experience in those areas ensuring they’re prepared for a position shift.

  • Encourage ownership

Taking ownership of a project adds great value to the employee. Coming up with a solution to the problem shows that the employee can handle the task independently. If an employee comes up with an issue, being a manager it is your duty to guide the employee in the right direction.

  • Teach them networking

Networking is one major part taking businesses to a different level. Take your employees to networking events, this is one place where one can demonstrate how conversations can be demonstrated with other communities and industry related leaders.

Send employees to company events and encourage them to talk with co-workers belonging from a different organization. This will prove beneficial when you’re not able to attend a certain event, instead, you can send someone to fill in your place to represent the organization.

  • Give them the right mentoring

Have a one to one session with employees, discuss their long-term goals, get to know their ideas and the areas that they find challenging. Design a career plan, the areas of improvement and how they can overcome those challenges. As a mentor, it is your duty to provide insight and ideas to develop these skills.

  • Leadership and training programs

Every organization needs to come up with leadership and training programs to ensure their employees are on the right track. Having the updated skill-set is what sets the employee from being an effective leader. Employees should be given training sessions on soft skills, decision making, and listening skills etc. These skills are crucial that a leader needs to instill within himself to take up a leadership role.


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