Battling Blades has the Real Swords for Sale

Battling Blades is operated and run by a family which does not sacrifice on the quality of the products and satisfaction of the customers. Handmade swords are knives are designed and sold at Battling Blades which are loved by the customers. If you have a passion towards collecting swords then you are just a few steps away. Battling blades is here with the real swords for sale. The family has designed and sold a number of real swords and currently, they are offering heavy discounts on broadsword and Damascus knife. Not only discounts, but it is also offering free shipping if the order is above $100. So now is the time for you to grab the best deals and have the real swords in hand.

Battling Blades has the Real Swords for Sale

About Damascus Knife

Damascus is steel which is used to make knives and swords. There are a number of knives available at Battling Blades namely, hunting knives, kitchen knives, Gurkha knives, machetes, survival knives and last but not the least, tracker knives. All these are made of Damascus steel. Damascus steel is a mixture of low and high carbon steel which helps the knives and swords to have the perfect edge.

Benefits of Damascus knives

Damascus knives are available at Battling Blades for which you can buy the one you like at the most affordable prices. The varieties are mentioned above and Damascus steel is used differently in each and every knife to give t the proper shape, design, edge, and strength. Each knife has a number of layers which give it the required flexibility and strength for example, in a hunting knife, 5 folds of Damascus steel are done which makes a total of 352 layers to give the blade a perfect shape and strength. Hunting knives are used in jungles to cut a number of things including meat so it definitely has to have the strength. Therefore, you can choose the knife you require and buy it before the discounts are over.

About Rapier sword or broadsword

Battling Blades designs and sells a number of broadswords which are available in different sizes. A broadsword is a type of slender, sharply pointed sword. This weapon is made for thrusting but as per your requirements, the broadsword can also be used for slashing and cutting. A broadsword has a complex hilt to protect the hand. Talking about the time it was used, it was the 16th and 17th century when this weapon was widely used in Early Modern Europe.

The material used for making the Broadsword blade

The blade of broadsword is made of 1095 steel which gives this sword stiffness. This is indeed the highest carbon level of steel which lacks in flexibility but retains sharpness during high collisions. The broadsword is amongst the real swords for sale at the Battling Blades and is available in different sizes and designs. Therefore you have a wide choice to select from.

Make the best use of the offers Battling Blades is out with at the moment and get the real swords at home.


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