fertility in women

Nowadays, women follow a good diet to conceive a baby. As young girls are aware of their health benefits and since teenage, they know the importance of good nutritional food. Here we have shared the list of foods which are important for quick fertility in women.

List of fertility food

1 Sunflower seeds

The sunflower seed contains Vitamin E, selenium, fatty acid omega 3 and zinc which improves the sperm counts. When you visit a gynecologist to conceive, he/she suggest the supplement of vitamin e and fatty acid. This is helpful for women who are suffering from infertility.

2 Orange Juice

Many women start having juices right from the day she gets pregnant or plans for the pregnancy. The orange juice contains polyamine putrescine and the good source of Vitamin C. Hormonal imbalance generally caused due to deficiency of vitamin C in women.

3 Cheese

It is surprising that cheese is good for fertility in women. It contains protein which is vital for sperm health. It is important to consider that excessive cheese in your diet might negatively impact the fertility.

4 Yogurt

Since childhood, we are told to have the yogurt once in a daily meal. Women who eat yogurt daily does not face reproductive issues. We advised having full-fat yogurt in your diet for healthy ovulation process.

5 Tomatoes

Here we are talking of cooked tomatoes. The men and women who eat cooked tomatoes regularly have good pregnancy rates. It improves semen health. It is a good source of lycopene which is healthy for sperm. You can have tomato soup daily in the evening.

6 Beans and other green veggies

Green veggies are the good source of protein and polyamine spermidine which boost the sperm fertilization process. It enhances the sperm counts in men. Green veggies are available easily so you can eat them regularly as it has other health benefits.

  1. Asparagus

This is an imported food which is packed with nutrients. It is the good source of Vitamin K, vitamin A, and Vitamin B, you can buy a frozen asparagus and avoid salty ones.

9 Pomegranate

We all know pomegranate is very good fruit and recommended often by doctors. It is really good for fertility. It is good for both men and women. In men, sperm mobility increases by 70%by consuming pomegranate regularly for 3 months.

10 Walnuts

Since childhood, we are forced to having dry fruits in our regular diet. Walnut is best for the fertility for women. They are the rich source of omega 3s and omega 6s. When a women plan a baby, a gynecologist also suggests tablets of omega.

These are the list of few fertile foods which you can include in diet chart before planning a baby. If you are not sure then you can visit a doctor and get the right diet chart for fertility in women. You will get better advice and will be able to have the healthy diet.


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