Order Online Food in Train
Order Online Food in Train

If you want an answer get a straight and simple answer to this question that how online food order in train happens, here is the answer:

You can get your food delivered on the train by booking your meals on the go. There are website and applications to book food orders. Queries related to food orders can be directly asked to the helpline number that is available round the clock. It is easy to book food orders by choosing your desired meals followed by the number of people you are booking meals for. The cuisines are not necessarily to be the same and one person can order different meals based on his choices. The applications and websites are easy to navigate and user-friendly for even first time users.

The food orders can be made following some simple steps-

  1. Use the e- catering mobile app, website or simply call on the helpline number for your orders. All the websites are well- equipped with the helpline numbers in all their pages so that customers do not have to find it when in need.
  2. One can resolve all queries related to food order, menu and payment through this helpline number.
  • While booking your food order, make sure you have entered correct number of dishes, what is your food delivery station, your train name and berth number. Any mistake in any of these parts can leave you hungry for the rest of the day.
  1. Passengers are always encouraged to make their payment using online methods. It saves a lot of time and effort for both parties. While it is not always possible to keep the exact change handy when receiving the food parcels, the same goes for the delivery personnel. They hardly bring any cash when delivering food. As trains take halt for a certain period of time at each station, making online payments is one hassle free method.

Coming to the benefits of booking food online when you are travelling by train, is truly endless. The process is fast and convenient, coupled with the assurance that passengers only receive freshly- made, hygienic, well- packed, delicious food at the best prices.

The range of delicacies available on online food order in train is huge and one can definitely satisfy their hunger with his/ her favourite cuisine while on wheels. If you are still wondering why book food online during train journey, here’s a few pointers to help you make better decisions-

  • As we said earlier, passengers only receive hygienic food packed in 100% food- grade packets. Even if the e- catering service is using plastic container that is always safe for carrying foods.
  • As local restaurants are associated with these e- catering services, there are a multiple choices of cuisines to choose from what you want to have in your lunch or dinner.
  • Restaurants and food vendors, who supply food parcels to the passengers in train, have FSSAI approval. Any vendors without this certification are not able to deliver food parcels in train.



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