what is piles
what is piles

What is Piles? Hemorrhoids nothing more than a varicose and often inflammatory condition of the veins, inside or outside the rectum Hemorrhoids. In the case of external hemorrhoids, there is a lot of pain but not a lot of bleeding. In the case of internal hemorrhoids, the black blood is evacuated. In some cases, the veins rupture because of bleeding:

Causes and symptoms of piles

The common symptoms of hemorrhoids or piles:

  • Pain in passing stool
  • Light bleeding in case of internal hemorrhoids
  •  Burning sensation during and after stool passage

The patient can not sit properly due to discomfort, itching, and pain in the anal area. The main cause of hemorrhoids is chronic constipation and other intestinal problems. The pressure to empty the intestine with constipation and in this way the pressure on the surrounding nerves causes hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are more common during pregnancy and in diseases of the intestine or liver. Obesity, stress, standing or prolonged standing and heredity are other causes of hemorrhoids.

Piles Home Remedies Food:

Dry Fig: The consumption of dried fig is one of the most effective Piles Home Remedies Food. Three or four figs must be soaked overnight in the water after being thoroughly cleaned with hot water. They should take the first thing with water in the morning in which they are soaked. 

They must be taken the same way for three or four weeks in the evening. The small seeds of dried figs have an excellent quality of peristaltic movements of the intestines. This facilitates the easy removal of feces and keeps the elemental canal clean.

Mango Seeds: Mango seeds are a very good Piles Home Remedies Food for heaps of moles. The seeds must be harvested during the mango season, dried in the shade, brewed and stored for consumption as medicine. A gram and a half to two grams of mango powder, with or without honey, should be administered twice a day.

Radish: White radish is very popular as a natural cure for hemorrhoids. In the treatment of this condition, 100 mg of ground radish should be taken twice a day with a spoonful of honey. This vegetable can also be taken as a juice with a pinch of salt. It should be administered in doses of 60 to 90 ml morning and evening. White radish is well frozen in the milk paste, can also be applied to inflamed hemorrhoids to relieve pain and inflammation.

Ginger: Ginger is also very effective at treating hemorrhoids. Mixing half a teaspoon of fresh ginger juice, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and fresh mint juice and a tablespoon of honey is an effective cure for hemorrhoids naturally.

Jambul Fruit: The Jambul fruit should be taken for hemorrhagic records. The fruits should be consumed with salt every morning for two or three months during the season. The use of Jamun fruit in the treatment of hemorrhoids can protect a person against hemorrhoids all his life.

Onion: Onion is very effective at treating natural piles. Thirty grams of onions should be finely grated in water and sixty grams of sugar added. The patient should consume it twice a day. It provides battery relief after a few days. Onions can also be used to treat dry hemorrhoids. A crushed, peeled and roasted onion can be applied with quick beneficial results.

Wheat Grass: An enema is used to treat heaps of wheatgrass. The usual procedure is to administer an enema with lukewarm water or neem water. After waiting twenty minutes, give 90 to 120 ml of enema with wheatgrass juice. It should be maintained for 20 minutes.


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