best prostate surgeon
best prostate surgeon

Diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer have advanced a lot, these days. If you are looking forward to getting yourself treated for the condition, consult a professional. Most men think that surgery is the only resort for the condition. However, this is not true. The best of surgeons may also help you know about the alternatives to surgery.

If you want to choose the best treatment option, here are some steps to follow:

DRE is Important

You must inquire your doctor for a DRE (digital rectal exam). This will help you to feel for any symptoms of prostate cancer such as elevations, irregularities, or bumps. You can also go for an ultrasound for measuring size prostate.


If you feel or get detected for prostate infection, get a treatment with antibiotics.

PSA Test

It is time to get a second PSA test. Most people fail to understand that a number of factors are responsible for varying PSA numbers. Hence, it is crucial to repeat the test. In case, you find that the results have been elevated, it is time to get yourself tested again.

Stay Healthy

It is important to take care of your health.

Advanced Prostate MRI

An Advanced Prostate MRI from the 3.0 Tesla machine is very helpful. It can offer 85-90% accuracy in identifying cancer.

Color Doppler Ultrasound Test

It can display high-resolution image and locate cancer.

Targeted Biopsy

Get a targeted biopsy. This is a better and preferred option for the best prostate surgeon. It is recommended instead of the archetypal blind biopsy. Doctors and surgeons well-informed about the Color Doppler Ultrasound and advanced prostate MRI can understand the benefits of a targeted biopsy. This test is much more than just taking random samples from a patient. In fact, the doctor guides the biopsy needle towards the most suspicious zones. This increases the chances of obtaining reliable results. In case, the targeted biopsy diagnoses cancer, a second pathology assessment from a different institute can help. You don’t have anything to lose. It is not uncommon for labs to make mistakes. Hence, a second opinion can always help.

Support Groups

You can join a prostate cancer support group. This is a place where you can meet and talk to people sailing on the same boat as you do. You can share your apprehensions, information, concern, and feelings with people in the group. This is place where you can obtain valuable information. Sometimes people from these groups are better informed about the latest technologies and treatments. Additionally, you should do your own research. Browse through the World Wide Web for information related to tests, risks, treatments, and benefits. This will help you stay informed and collect latest info on prostate cancer.

Collect Data

You should collect data and get all of your test results in one place. This is important to monitor changes over time. You can have a detailed discussion about your results with the medical professional. Asking questions is important too. You would like to know about the treatment suggested by doctor. In case, the doctor recommends radiation therapy, surgery, or any other treatment option, it is wise to consider it.

A Second Opinion Helps

You should focus on getting a second opinion. Consult a urologist or a surgeon. They will have a surgical point of view. Make sure you find out any alternatives to surgery. A reputed surgeon can help you know if you can choose a treatment other than surgery or radiation therapy. Some of the better options include laser therapy, cryotherapy, and high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

Let Test Results Decide your Treatment

It is important to make a decision on your treatment on the basis of test results. Speaking to doctors, surgeons and professionals can help you to gain a lot of exposure and make a decision. A well informed decision under the guidance of a professional will help you get treated in a timely manner.


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