fertility testfor women

Hearing “You are Pregnant” or seeing “the two lines on pregnancy test kit” for the first time gives one such a gratifying feeling which fills you with complete happiness and new life. The whole experience of bearing the child in the womb, the first kick….the delivery pain, nurturing child is a dream envisioned by every couple. There can be a fertility test for women which can give good news. Now, to go through the whole experience again and wanting a sibling for the first child…..can be a lot of pain and stress for today’s couple.

Couples who are trying to conceive for the past six or one years without any contraceptives are said to be Secondary Infertile. “I have not been able to conceive for one year from now…..so what do I call myself now infertile……..but I successfully conceived and delivered my first child”.

Extremely emotionally painful

Secondary infertility nowadays is a very common issue and can be extremely emotionally painful than one may think of. Bearing a second child brings with it, its own challenges like one has to be more aware of your menstruation cycle and ovulation days, along with it one needs to prepare the elderly one to share the toys, moms love and time. The major issue to deal with secondary infertility is to manage your health along with the doctor visits and of course to upbringing the first one, being good parents too without any stress.

Sometimes your near and dear ones fail to understand these petty issues in life, which further increase the burden. There could be several causes that one may face for not conceiving for the second child and one of the major causes of it is changes in health due to increasing age. Weight gain is one of the primary factors which add ones pain in not conceiving the second child.

The medical disorders can be due to damage to fallopian tube due to ectopic pregnancies or blocked fallopian tubes. Ovulation disorders, uterine conditions in women and endometriosis or defective ovulation. Complications during prior pregnancies and the way we live our life also plays  a major role,  as if we are into excessive smoking and drinking this leads to poor sperm count and quality.

Whether the factors are related with primary fertility or they can be new generated ones…both have to be confronted with apt consultation and medication. One needs to get involved in more and more activities which increases blood circulation and helps to reduce weight also. If one is facing some kind of denial, anguish, envy, anxiety and anger the one need to get the right counselling.

Consult your doctor and discuss the issues related with the first pregnancy, if there weren’t any then get your fertility testfor women again. Be happy, hug your first child a little tighter, steal some alone time with your partner to catch a movie, dive into a hobby to divert your attention, and don’t forget to take care of yourself with exercise, getting enough sleep, and healthy eating so that you can have a blissful and successful journey. There are many fertility centres in Delhi. So choose any one wisely.


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