Tattoo Removal Techniques
Tattoo Removal Techniques

A tattoo is a  design on the body where a pattern or sketch is made by inserting ink either permanent or temporary into the layer of the skin to obtain the desired motif or systematic arrangement of style. The art of making tattoos is termed as tattooing. To be very specific Tattoos consist of thousands of large particles of pigment suspended in the skin and hence the procedure to undo the tattooing process is quite laborious. In today’s generation where one is more inclined to getting inked at various phases of life and within no time they want to get rid of that phase and the tattoo itself. So this is where the tattoo removal London has to be taken into consideration.

Various Ways For Tattoo Removal

There are multiple ways of removing tattoos. One must research the kind of treatment which should suit him the best and after consulting the physician he should go ahead with the desired treatment.

Removal Through Laser: The shades used during the process of tattooing and the overall design do affect the suitability of the laser removal treatment, the kind of laser to be used and the duration required to carry out the treatment.

Using The Pico Laser Removal: Having a change of heart about the existing tattoo or wanting to get rid of it at all and if time is your biggest constraint than you need to look at the fastest method available for removal which could include the Pico laser which can reduce the treatment time. It is safe and works faster absorbing the tattoo ink surrounding the skin tissues with minimum to no lasting damages.

Tattoo Removal Through Creams: There are many creams and lotions available in the market which are used for tattoo removal London but many of ointments and creams have not been licensed by the food and drug Administration as there had been reports that the creams contain skin damaging acids.

Tattoo Removal Through Surgery: Tattoo removal through surgery involves peeling of the skin layers that contain the tattoo or removing skin that contains tattoo and re-sewing the two ends of the skin again.

Tattoo Removal Through Q-switched Laser: This process involves laser which emits light energy in the form of a pulsed beam, which then emits a very tiny and penetrating pulse of light for a very short period of time. It may have long pulses also, this technology which produces heat and destroys the tissue and pigments without damaging the skin. It is a successful method safely and excellently removes tattoos without damaging the skin

Finally, In today’s world, it is as easy to remove a tattoo as it is to get one done on your body.


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