The name attributed for low for a low-cost real estate brokerage model for agents is widely regarded to be 100% commission broker. Rather than the usual traditional percentage fee of a real estate agent’s commission paid to the broker, which is termed the commission split, the annual or nominal flat fee is alternatively paid.

The term 100 percent commission is very popular today in the real estate industry. Meaning both dealers in real estate and neutral alike must have come across the phrase.

The term 100 percent commission has everything to do with the commission split an agent makes who is selling or listing a property.

Although the real estate agents receive the full value of their commission, there are still some strings attract to the benefits, as this is a less common structure. What this means is that, although the agent practically gets all of their commission, they are obliged to pay a regular monthly fee plus a transaction fee per settlement that effectively eats into the commission.

With this program (100% commission) especially for agents in Florida, there is practically no sharing of commission between the real estate company and the agent. However, 100 percent commission brokerages typically charge higher fees than real estate brokers who take a cut.

Considering the fact that most brokers, especially in Florida, are unprepared to give money away since they earn nothing in the name of a commission, they have to make up for it somewhere. That is practically where the fees come in.

Remember, nothing is free, and the moment firm gives up money in one area, they surely plan to make up for it somewhere else.

It should be worthy to note that, the number of resources and training you get with a Real Estate Company may be limited to the 100% commission brokerages.  Although may sound irrelevant to some people, it might be wise to start with a larger company such as Happy Agents. Considering they provide plenty of marketing materials and training to get the ball rolling, especially if you are new and inexperienced.

It is worthy to note that, 100 percent commission agents and firms are fast becoming unavoidable especially in Florida, and many are providing more services to their agents. Thanks to technological advancement, such firms are now offering lots more without actually breaking the back, except for the increased fees, which now accompany the new offerings.

These, therefore, goes to say that, endeavor to read the contract and understand entirely the functions of the system before joining up with a new broker or real estate company.

Conclusively, although established real estate experts may do well with a 100 percent commission program, newbies may want to stick with a familiar brand to get started. Every situation is different, so take the time to do the


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