New biotechnology companies United States

Biotechnology aims at fostering, demonstrating, and transitioning breakthrough fundamental research, discoveries, and applications by integrating biology, engineering, computer science, mathematics, and physical sciences. Biotechnology includes an investment portfolio that extends far beyond the applications of life sciences in the field of medicine. This extension includes the areas of research such as human-machine interfaces, microbes as production platforms, and deep exploration that the evolving ecologies and environments have on US readiness and abilities, all which seemed unimaginable until now. New biotechnology companies United States have developed programs that are compatible with a wide range of scales, beginning from individual cells to warfighters, and up to global ecosystems.

What is biotechnology? New biotechnology companies United States

Biotechnology can be simply put as a technology that has been developed based on biology. The technology utilizes cellular and biomolecular processes to build applications and products that aid in the betterment of human lives and the planet earth. The biological products of microorganisms have been harnessed for more than 6,000 years to produce useful food products such as bread, cheese, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Most developments are products and service that can combat rare diseases, feed the starving population, reduce our environmental footprint, harness the energy of cleaner energy sources, and make production and manufacturing more environmentally friendly and safe.


Various diseases that were earlier undiagnosed or untreatable have become treatable through strenuous and extensive research. More than 250 biotechnology healthcare products have been developed by biotechnology companies in the United States.

Around 13.3 million farmers have used agricultural biotechnology to increase crop yields by obtaining vital information such as weather conditions and future changes, soil properties and crop support, requirements of manure and water for each crop type, and the market prices and benefits of each crop in terms of soil nutrient replenishment

There are more than 50 biorefineries that are being built across North America which test and refine technologies for the production of biofuels and useful chemicals from renewable biomass and how they can reduce the carbon footprint and emission of greenhouse gases.

A longer shelf life of easily perishable raw products can be obtained by converting them to edible and potable foodstuffs and beverages through food processing. Microbial organisms and their derivatives are used for food processing through the process of fermentation. Biotechnology is used to improve edibility, texture, storage, and prevention of an attack on the food by bacteria such as dairy products being affected by viruses such as bacteriophage. It helps in producing an anti-microbial effect so that microorganisms that produce toxicity in food are eliminated. Centurylink Login.

Another application of environmental biotechnology is a biomarker. A biomarker is used to react to a chemical which aids in measuring the level of damage or the exposure or the effect of pollution caused. It is used in developing a relationship between various oils and their sources.

Bio-remediation is a process of converting hazardous and toxic substances into non-toxic compounds through the use of natural microorganisms.

Bio-transformation is a process that imitates processes in the environment where complex compounds are converted to simple compounds. This is used in manufacturing and production industrial processes to convert toxic waste to harmless by-products.


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