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The perils of weekly grocery shopping are experienced by everyone. The weekend blues of going to a local store or supermarket to get supplies and loading a complete cart full of groceries and then carrying it to your home are ones that nobody likes to experience. There are many disadvantages to in-store grocery shopping.A few are mentioned below:

  1. The cost incurred in travelling to the local grocery store or supermarket might not mean a lot to some people. It is a very significant expenditure for any middle class or lower middle class family especially when it is far and the supplies can be carried on a two-wheeler.
  2. It is common knowledge that buying in bulk saves money but that cannot be done with in-store shopping because it will be extremely difficult to carry it.
  3. It is a very time consuming process. Not only do you have to invest time in finding where everything is but also in standing ungodly long lines for a large amount of time for checkout.

A very good recent development in this field is the introduction of grocery delivery in Delhi. The collaboration of grocery stores with the fastest delivery courier services in Delhi and in other cities as well has created a new niche for businesses for providing increased facilities to the customers and more loyal customers for themselves. Online grocery shopping has mostly eliminated all the issues that in-store shopping has created for the people.


The supermarkets in Delhi and even big corporations have their own websites which the customer can browse easily and add the grocery items of their need to cart and then place the order. Depending on the facilities of the grocery store they collaborate with the fastest delivery courier services and the best courier services in Delhi available to them and then deliver the groceries to the provided address. The payment can be made online or offline but it again depends on the grocery store you trust.


  1. In times like these when stepping out of the house is like inviting death itself, it is not only inconvenient to go and do in-store shopping. Online shopping completely eliminates that.
  2. A lot of time is saved because of the services provided by the grocery delivery services in Delhi. We do not have to wait to find stuff in the store and neither do we have to wait in long lines for billing.
  3. You can easily buy in bulk and save money without worrying about how you will carry it. The reason being that the fastest courier services in your town do it for you.
  4. Some grocery delivery in Delhi even allow you to add items to your order after you have already checked it out and the order is placed.

Therefore online grocery shopping is a much better alternative to in-store shopping and should definitely be tried. It is the way of the future because of how busy our lives are and will become with time.


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