Placement of the refrigerator
Placement of the refrigerator

Fridge Repair in Bangalore: There are some appliances which have become a vital part of a modern home. Example, refrigerator, water purifier, vacuum cleaner, microwave oven and geyser. And even if one of these appliances does not work, then you will have to reschedule your daily activity. Your spouse will have a bad day.

If she wakes up one morning to find the spoiled food and milk in the fridge. Yes, the appliance gave enough signs of its bad condition, but hectic lifestyle made them go unnoticed. Can you prevent this unfortunate situation? Yes, please read the paragraphs below –

Placement Of The Refrigerator

Placement of the refrigerator
Placement of the refrigerator

Are you surprised? It is true. The placement of the refrigerator plays a significant part in ensuring that the device performs to its potential. Please follow the tips –

  1. You should not keep the freezer in direct sunlight. The reason, sun’s rays will heat the appliance and there will be more consumption of energy.
  2. You should also not place the fridge in damp environment like the garage, as the compressors will fail.
  3. You should place the fridge on a flat surface. And it should not lean in any direction.
  4. Take care to keep the appliance from other models that emit heat such as furnaces and ovens. Please take care not to keep the appliance near vents which emit sun rays.

Don’t you have many choices? Then reduce the problems by placing insulated board in the middle of the oven and fridge. You can also cover the window with curtains.

Keep The Top Clear – Fridge Repair in Bangalore

Keep the top clean
Keep the top clean

Yes, the fridge may be a large appliance and the bare ground at its crest often becomes the landing ground for many items. Some fridges have the fan and motor at the top to let off heat. And when you keep the top covered Fridge Repair in Bangalore, the heat does not get dissipated. The motor has to overwork to keep the entire atmosphere cool.

So, let the top of the fridge be a bare ground. Also ensure that the top is dusted regularly. This will prevent the heat from getting heat stuck inside the fridge.

Scrub Out The Door Gaskets

You open the fridge and let the door go back on its own. Your family members do the same. Have you ever thought of the rubber seals and gaskets? If left unattended, dirt and food can get stuck in these seals. So they do not close properly, and the result will be leakage of cool air. The fridge has to work overtime to maintain its cool temperature.

Every month, take some time to clean the gaskets. You can make use of first, a damp cloth and a dry cloth. Having torn gaskets in the fridge? Ensure to replace it as soon as possible.


Mentioned above are just three points, by which you can make the refrigerator last a lifetime. But yes, there may happen some challenges. And you need to seek the services of a experienced fridge repair technician.

Shall we imagine a situation? Let us imagine you stay in Bangalore. You have had a refrigerator in your home for the past decade. Now, it has started giving problems. Your spouse always complains of a puddle of water under the fridge. Even your spouse goes to work. Your elderly parents stay at home. So, how will you book the technician who does the best fridge repair in Bangalore, who can come home at your convenience? Can he be trusted? Is he reliable? All these questions crop up.

But there is a easy way out. You can seek the assistance of home maintenance companies in Bangalore who have qualified fridge repair technicians in their customer care list. All you need to do is to download the app, and book for the service as per your convenient time. You get a call before the scheduled date from the professional to confirm the booking and to know the nature of repair. On the concerned day, the appliance gets back to normal due to experience of the skilled technician.

Have we missed a valuable point in how to make a refrigerator last a lifetime? Then be kind enough to put a review in the Comments section.


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