Fridge Repair in Pune
Fridge Repair in Pune

Fridge Repair in Pune: Hope you have read the article on how to make a refrigerator last a lifetime – part I. In this article we delve on the other measures that you need to take care of to keep the fridge in top working condition.

Fridge Repair in Pune

Fridge Repair in Pune
Fridge Repair in Pune

You need to maintain the balance. A packed fridge has to work overtime. The reason the air cannot circulate around the corners and nooks of every item. On the other hand, imagine the horror in an empty fridge? Fridge Repair in Pune It has to cool all the empty places and maintain a proper temperature. Here are the valuable points.

  1. Fill The Fridge To Its Potential

Take care not to block internal fans in the fridge. In other words, do not place items in front of them. The air should circulate around the room.

The items need not remain packed. You can keep one inch distance between two items. So, the air can circulate around the items.

You can use water filled steel jugs to fill empty spaces. Yet, ensure that the top of the jug remains a few inches empty. The water expands during cooling.

  1. Do Not Allow Foods To Freeze

In some refrigerators, there is the option of defrosting. But, foods already cold when kept in the fridge changeS to frozen items. To prevent this problem, let the foods get cooled to room temperature before you place them in the fridge. When you want to freeze foods, cover them with a vessel and lid.

  1. Be Alert

As the head of a family, you need to stay alert at all times. The following examples –

Did you hear any sounds such as grinding, rattling ro squealing? If so, then the parts such as compressor, motor or fan needs a clean-up.

Stick a piece of paper in the gasket and leave for two hours. If the paper remains stuck to the gasket, there is no problem. If the paper has slided down, then you need to replace the gasket.

  1. Setting The Temperature

Are you setting the refrigerator for the first time? Then be very careful to set the temperature. Let it be first medium cold. You can also change the setting afterwards with thermostat. When you set the temperature to medium, the food in fridge will not become frozen.

  1. Cleaning The Refrigerator

You need to maintain hygiene in and outside the appliance. The reason, you store food. It is mandatory to clean the interior atleast once a month. The shelves should get cleared of all the contents and then cleaned. Do you face bad odor? Then use baking soda or water to clean off the dirt on the door. The next important parts are the compressor and evaporator coils. They should remain clean. Or else, the appliance has to rework to maintain the cool temperature. Do not forget to unplug the appliance when you clean the vents and coils. Are they so dirty that you have used water to wipe off the dirt? Then these parts needs to get properly dried before you plug the appliance back to active mode. If needed, vacuum the coils. They need to remain clear of dirt and grease.


So these are some of the measures you can take to make the refrigerator working in top condition. But also remember to do the maintenance part as per the manufacturer’s manual. Suppose you encounter a specific challenge, such as a deep hike in electricity bills, then it is time to go for a maintenance check. Let us assume you are in Pune. So, how will you find the best technician skilled in fridge repair in Pune if you are new to the city? It is easy. There are a entire set of companies which provide top quality doorstep repair services to the customers. Download the app of the best company and place a booking request for the refrigerator technician. Select the time as per your own convenience. On the scheduled time, the professional will come, identify the problem and bring the appliance back to normal.


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