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Data Science Council of America’s latest infographic titled “Data Science- Myths and Realities” explores the various relationships between machines and humans in both the present and in the near future. What does it take to build a career in data science and machine learning? What are the qualifications of the world’s leading data scientists and engineers and what educational background is actually required to kick start your career in this exciting field? Did you know that more than 80% of data scientists across the world are Master’s degree holders?

The DASCA infographic further explores salaries and other employment statistics across the world. Interesting data includes the entry-level salaries for data scientists, followed by the mid-level and senior level data scientists in leading organizations. Find out how you match against the salaries of data science professionals across the world. Must Read: Techy Street – The Tech Blog

If you are an aspiring professional looking to explore the lucrative and exponentially growing data science industry, the infographic also explains the entire career path of a data science professional, right from education through the required training and finally also mentions how you can gain practical experience in data science to gain a successful entry into the industry.

If you thought data science was entirely for STEM geeks, think again. Research by the Data Science Council of America says that experts who have proven their skills and have sufficient experience in different business functions and disciplines.

Another interesting insight is it takes high level skills in advanced programs and coding tools for a successful career in data science. This myth is also busted, with advanced problem solving skills and a high degree of business acumen being the primary requirements for b eing a successful data scientist.

The DASCA infographic explains the importance of constantly updated and upgraded knowledge-ware and the critical role it plays in the career of data scientists. For example, advanced knowledge-ware helps in the formation of concepts and the provision of tangible measurements of their implementation, aligned to business needs. The prescriptive, descriptive and predictive nature of data science also necessitates the constant upgradation of knowledge and concepts. Also read: Download iMovie for Windows PC

So if you are a career starter, looking to make your mark in the world of big data or data science, or a mid-level professional aiming for a senior data scientist or a principal data scientist role in your organization or even a consultant who needs to be ahead of the competition in data science, check out the infographic on the myths and realities of data science and machine learning in 2019.

DASCA is the world’s premier authority in capability validation and professional certifications in data science. With a reach spanning 100 countries, DASCA empowers entry level, mid-level and senior level professionals in their careers with its proprietary knowledge frameworks and advanced curricula. DASCA’s latest research based infographic on the myths and realities of the data science industry and the data science job market is its latest release. If you want tech information then click here.

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