How to Install Spy App on Android
How to Install Spy App on Android

Are you aware of the fact that android cell phone devices are the most popular cell phone devices all across the globe and almost 1.4 billion users are using android mobile phones and tablets? It means every second person around is using an android device.

 Therefore, over the years there are plenty of technological tools have been developed by the developers in order to monitor android device for the sake of digital parenting to make sure kids online safety, to make check on employees using android phones and tablets and lastly for people in a relationship to keep hidden eye on partners cell phone.

All the activities could be manipulated very easily. The spy apps for android that have been developed yet are capable of tracking android phones but you have to install a spy app on the android phone having physical access on it. However, there are plenty of gimmicks and rumours have become famous that are following.

Gimmicks about the Installation of the Spy App on Android Remotely

Gimmicks and rumours are quite ridiculous and today people who want to monitor android phone remotely also want to install spy software on an android cell phone remotely. In reality, it is not possible at all.

However, you can still perform remote monitoring on android once you have installed the phone spy app on android device then you can get the job done within no time.

 So, other than this, you won’t be able to install mobile phone spy software on the target android phone remotely whatsoever. Therefore, forget about the remote installation and just use the installation process and then remotely track any android cell phone.

Install cell phone spy app & remotely track android

All you need to do is to use your personal cell phone browser that should be connected to the internet. In addition, you need to find out the official webpage of the cell phone monitoring software for android.

Now you can subscribe for mobile phone spy app and in return, you will get the credentials through an email sent to you on your target device. Now you should have physical access on the target phone for a while and once you have got the access to start the process of installation.

 When you have ended up with it successfully then you need to activate it on the target device. In addition, you need to use the passcode and ID that you have received at the time of subscription. You have to use the credentials in order to get access to the online control panel. When you have got the access to the online dashboard then you simply visit the tools that remotely empower you to spy on a phone running with the Android operating system. Let’s discuss remote phone spy software for Android tools in the following that you can use remotely once you have installed it on the target device.

Note: Don’t go for the phone tracking app for android that is claiming of false remote installation on android. It is not possible at all.

Android spying app for android tools for remote monitoring

Live Screen recording

User can remotely get access to the target android cell phone once you have successfully made the installation process. Furthermore, the user can remotely perform the recording of the screen in real-time using live screen recorder software. Furthermore, user can record screen in terms of short video back to back that you can see live through the web portal. Furthermore, user can perform screen recording such as chrome, email, SMS, social media, YouTube, and digit passwords.

IM’s logs without rooting

An end-user can remotely go through the target android cellphone and let you get the logs of social media apps, instant messengers in terms of messages, conversations, audio-video calls, and voice messages.

Live Gps tracking

User can track Live GPS tracking of the target cell phone with remote GPS tracker. User can monitor android location with pinpoint accuracy. Furthermore, user can track location history and mark save and restricted areas on the MAP.


Mobile phone tracking app for android is the best tool that you can install having physical access on android. However, you can remotely spy on android to the fullest.


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