travel insurance
travel insurance

From the pristine beaches of Goa to the mighty Himalayan mountains to the stunning Andaman Islands, India is full of prospects for those who want to spend a quality vacation with their loved ones. However, crisscrossing the country, no matter how exciting it might seem (owing to its sheer diversity), can become challenging at times.

The reason being, you would never know exactly what could go wrong over the course of your travel. You might end up under the harsh weather or worse, sustain an injury that may require immediate medical intervention. This is why you must never forget to pack travel insurance while planning your trip, no matter to which part of the country it is.

Following are a few reasons as to why travel insurance in India is an absolute necessity:

  1. Risk of injuries

An injury can be as simple as a sprain in your ankle or as severe as a bone fracture. Should you go vacationing to hilly terrain, there could be an off-chance that one may fall from a slope and sustain severe injuries. The pathetic condition of roads in some parts of the country can only add to the woes.

That being said, when you buy travel insurance, you’ll be provided with a financial safety net against such adversities, which can help you stay insulated from any unexpected eventuality over the course of your trip.

  1. Bad weather

Water-borne diseases such as diarrhea and cholera are some of the most common ailments that you can catch while travelling in India. These diseases once contracted, warrants immediate hospitalization of the patient. It follows that your travel budget is likely to be stretched as you may have to shell out a hefty sum of money for the treatment of such conditions.

Domestic travel insurance may, however, come to your rescue at this point of time, considering it would cover you from the emergency medical expenses incurred during the trip.

  1. Loss of baggage

The fear of having misplaced the baggage, or other important documents for that matter, should not be alien to you. The apprehension may increase multiple times in case you’re travelling via public transports such as trains and buses. Having lost your precious belongings and other valuables is not an ideal spot you would want to find yourself in, particularly in a place you’re visiting for the first time.

A domestic travel insurance policy can help you here by reimbursing the amount that you would have to spend on procuring the necessary items all over again, after having lost your luggage.

  1. Situations forcing emergency evacuation

Considering you have backpacked to the Himalayas in a bid to quench the avid adventurer in you, you would ideally want to be prepared for any adverse eventuality, should you get stuck at a remote spot there. More importantly, you might end up in a local hospital to get adequate nursing for an injury that you sustained.

Hospitalization expenses for medical evacuation can mount quickly and wreck your travel budget. However, a travel insurance meme policy procured at the right time can provide you with adequate coverage to sail through such crises in unknown territory.

  1. Trip cancellations

God forbid, but trip interruptions and cancellations can happen anytime, spoiling some of your best-laid plans. While you may not be able to help the dampening mood that cancellations bring, the associated monetary losses can be kept in check to a large degree with the help of a travel insurance policy.

The best travel insurance policy in India can reimburse the expenses you incur due to cancellations related to pre-booked flights, accommodation, and other financial penalties. However, before you buy a travel insurance policy, it is advisable to carry out a thorough comparison between various policies, with respect to the coverage offered and the premium amount that you would have to shell out.

You can also check out pocket insurance from Bajaj Finserv – a range of short-term insurance plans at affordable premiums, curated to meet your precise insurance needs. You can pick typical insurance plans from a pool of travel-related insurance products such as Road Trip Cover, Backpacking Travel Insurance, Solo Traveller Cover, Pilgrimage Cover etc., to meet your immediate requirements.


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