10 Brilliant Ideas to Motivate Your Child
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10 Brilliant Ideas to Motivate Your Child

Every child is different. In order to make world better place to live in, one has to motivate every child.  Future of every country is ultimately in the hands of the children who are going to contribute their share in the progress of a country. Here, you will find that is very easy to motivate your child just you need a right guidance.

There are different ways of motivating your child to be independent like

Good habits

Since children are more driven to creative stuff you have to make a creative chart which could possibly include their schedule for the day such as folding the bedspread every day morning, cleaning the room, leaving the toys in the appropriate space, finishing homework, etc.

Household activities

Involving a child in household activities is also important when the child is at home involve them household activities like as wiping the table, cleaning the sofa, sweeping the floor, cleaning the fridge, watering the plants etc.

Motivate to accomplish their goals

 It is very important to motivate your child over time and time again. So that you can let your child know that you are proud of them for accomplishing their goals.

Comfort Zone

Develop a comfort zone with your child. When he shares his opinion, you should validate his feelings even if you disagree. The child should not feel like his opinion doesn’t matter, he should feel reassured that he can be open about their experiences without being judged.

Free atmosphere

Create an open atmosphere where he feels comfortable expressing his likes dislikes or concerns.

Learning styles

It is important to introduce the different type of learning styles so that your child doesn’t feel bored and maintain his interest in doing his work.

Time value

It is very important for your child to understand and value time. You can assign weekly task so that he can plan his schedule efficiently with respect to time and learn to manage and divide his time intervals.


Creating a purpose in child’s mind is very important to make them independent and understand their goals in life by focusing on their strength.

Play way motivation

In order to avoid boredom and loss interest, you have to make playful motivation ideas by using different crafts and art activities.

Build confidence

Always try to be confident for your child so that he can rely on you completely and learn from your traits.

So, in order to make your child independent, you have to understand your child about what they like, what they afraid of or what they are fond of and then be with them and help them understand their own strength and weaknesses.


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