5 Things You Give Up To Run a Small Business

5 Things You Give Up To Run a Small BusinessA successful business is built on sacrifices and willingness to go beyond limits. Running your own business is one of the toughest challenges anyone can undertake. Every now and then, sacrifices are needed to survive building your business.

Below are some of the sacrifices you can possibly make and need to overcome when starting out entrepreneurship:

Financial stability and security.

Before you step into the world of business ownership, first, you have to say goodbye to your current job, steady flow of salary and stable career. It is risky most of the time because there’s no solid guarantee that you will have a personal income in the coming months after you quit your job. It is known for a fact that running your own business means using all your savings. These savings came from your previous jobs and been keeping it for emergency and future plans.

Another part of stability you’re about to leave is the health insurance. Although you can still avail it on your own, nothing beats the corporate health benefits.

However, business requires a good amount of money and you need to achieve that requirement, otherwise, it won’t come a long way. You need to shell out your hard-earned money and wait until you see the return on investment. Sometimes, your money is not enough and another sacrifice is to make cash loans from someone you know or financial institutions.

Good amount of sleep.

If you’re an individual who enjoys 8-10 hours every night, then you have to say goodbye to it as well. Running your own business means giving more time to it. You have to set a good amount of time to your business; analysing the things you need to do and updating yourself with the changes.

Running the business requires a lot of work and you’re glued to it most of the time, erratic schedule to be exact. You need to be awake all the time to attend to your business needs. Every waking moment is spent designing the business and then reaching out to potential clients.

Relationship with friends, family, special someone and yourself.

Because your business needs more time and sufficient funds, you cut down the quality time you spend with your loved ones cut down. Sometimes, you unconsciously ignore or neglect them and their needs. You’re sorry for that, of course, but it’s one those sacrifices you need to make in order to have a successful business.

As much as possible, you explain clearly to them that you spend more time building the business and you don’t mean to spend few hours with them. Even yourself is sometimes being neglected and you haven’t checked your personal needs.

Relaxing vacation, breaks, and trips.

Building a business also sacrifices great vacations and free time for yourself.  You have to sacrifice going out with your friends every night or being with people who don’t have a similar mindset as you. You also forgo many social outings with friends and families.

You even cut down on the hours you spend at your favourite hang out every week. Also, less amount of time to visit and explore another place because your business needs you every now and then.

Own ideas.

Usually, a startup business is run by an individual. However, if you have a partner or members, you should also listen to their ideas and point of views. Sure, you started out the idea but along the way, you have to ask for others’ opinion to make sense out of it.

Your partner may have a brilliant idea to run the business, so be ready to accept it and combine it with your idea. However, there are instances that your idea may not fully suitable for your business and so, make sure to accept suggestions and be open-minded about it. In this way, your business will run good, if not smoothly.

All your sacrifices are well worth it if you know well your business goals. Now, start assessing your life and goals before your venture into entrepreneurship.


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