7 Tips to Get the Best Hotel Accommodation for Your Vacation

Travelling can be expensive especially if you have not done a thorough research. One of the most expensive things when travelling is getting an accommodation especially booking a hotel room, where it will eat up most of your budget. However, there are ways you can do to slash the budget for your lodging.

Below are some suggestions you can do to get the best hotel accommodation for your vacation:

Call the hotel directly.

Before booking a room, call the hotel directly during business hours to check if the prices you have seen online match or beat the charges they will tell you over the phone. Calling them directly will give some benefits such as free breakfast or late checkout. It also gives maximum flexibility because generally, there is no advance payment on this.

Check your options and compare prices online.

There are various sites where you can check prices for your chosen hotel or check if there are good deals. Expedia, Kayak and TripAdvisor are among the sites you can check. You can score good prices when you look at different sites. Practice this and you will save more money than you think.

Consider getting the bigger room.

If you are going to travel with family or friend or staying longer in the place, you can consider renting an apartment or house instead of posh or budget hotels. HomeAway and Airbnb are your choices to get an apartment big enough for the gang. Some of these lodgings charge a cleaning fee, so keep that in mind when you are calculating total costs. However, there is a provided kitchen that will help you save on food because you can cook some meals.

Get a package deal.

There are package deals that will save you more money. It includes booking your flight and hotel together. You can look around and see if it is worth booking the two together as a better package deal. You may not have as many hotel choices compared when booking your hotel room separately, but the discounts could help your budget in the loop.

Join a members-only club to grab special deals.

There are sites that offer lower prices for a hotel because they are not available in general public. One example is Vacationist website, which is a members-only site that offers special sales on luxury hotels around the world. Another good site is Hotel Engine offering discounted rates on a ton of hotels and assures a good deal compared to other sites. Membership in both clubs is free. You could also join some promo deals and club membership from the hotel itself.

Use your coupon and voucher.

You can get these coupons and vouchers from internet or magazines. You can have them in print or on the Internet. Show the printed or the soft copy of the coupon to the hotel where you are staying and you can save on just about every aspect of travel. You start looking for coupons when searching in the web; put in “coupon” and the hotel you want to stay and you will be able to check some local and online coupon distributors.

Consider the less popular hotels.

Boutique hotels do not offer the same range of services compared to a popular establishment, you can pay less and still get a decent room. Budget hotels and hostels are also helpful when you want to save money on your vacation. Do your research well and you will be able to score a good room that is budget friendly.

About the author:

Candice Larson is a lifestyle and travel enthusiast. She’s into writing and working for an advertising firm.



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