Bulk SMS Service

Did you know that there are around 3.58 billion people across the globe using a smartphone and are connected to the internet? With such a large number of people using the phone, losing out on connecting with this chunk can affect the business. The sole objective of any business or organization is to connect with their target customer. Bulk SMS service or short message services is a popular way of interacting with the customer.

Bulk SMS Service has gained popularity these days. Whether it is a political campaign or community alerts or you wish to update the customer about any news or information, organizations are now using the Bulk SMS Service to effectively connect with their customers.

Bulk messages are cost-effective as compared to sending an individual message. Value One provides an entire package of bulk SMS service that offers message customization, automatic system update, and different options. Where can you use bulk SMS Services?

You can use our bulk SMS Service in for any of the following:

  1. Product launch
  2. Promotional schemes
  3. Lead generation
  4. Political campaigning
  5. Advertisement
  6. E-commerce activities
  7. SMS marketing

Types of Bulk SMS Services

Value One may be a complete answer once it involves delivering messages with none delay. There are two kinds of Bulk SMS Service that we tend to offer.

Promotional Bulk SMS Service:

Promotional Bulk SMS Service will be used for Sharing Business Promotional Messages Transactional Messages. Any User will promote their business through Bulk SMS. Everybody desires to market their business through the net or advertising or pamphlets etc. continually the businessperson promotes their business it’s new or previous with the low price still as he expects additional response rate from his customers. In Banks they place some offers like exchange gold and find a loan or two hundredth discounts these days we are deposit ten lacks on top of etc. Banks share their offers to their regular customers or new customers inside seconds through bulk SMS. Through bulk SMS the banks save his time and find immediate customers on that day.

Features of Promotional Bulk SMS:

  1. Delivery SMS to massive numbers at one go.
  2. User-friendly board.
  3. Multiple entranceway properties.
  4. Cluster electronic messaging facility.
  5. will be scheduled the SMS at any time
  6. Instant delivery of SMS.
  7. transfer bulk contacts from surpass
  8. Delivery of SMS from 9 AM to 9 PM

Transactional Bulk SMS Service:

Transactional Bulk SMS Service is employed for sharing transactional messages like these days we tend to are deposited 30000 or withdraw a thousand or these days is vacation or tomorrow have a gathering at 900 etc. Betting on the organization we tend to are sharing helpful and emergency info we tend to are shared. The business field we tend to are causation informational messages like holidays or anyone in the emergency state of affairs etc.

Finally, for sharing helpful info, the transactional bulk SMS is incredibly useful. It provides alert messages still as provides emergency messages. It saves time and cash.

Features of Transactional SMS

  1. character sender I.D
  2. Delivery is 24/7 and one year.
  3. Instant delivery of SMS.
  4. Protocol API integration.
  5. Delivery on DND and Non-DND.
  6. Premium SMS entranceway route.
  7. Strong technology platform.
  8. User-friendly panel

Value One Bulk SMS service include the following types as well-

  • Shortcode SMS services
  • Long code SMS services
  • Local language SMS

Benefits of using Value one’s Bulk SMS service

With the help Value One Bulk SMS Service, you may sit back and relax; the only pain you would like to want is of crafting the message rest is taken care by our system. There square measure myriads of advantages that come back alongside Bulk SMS service, the likes of that embrace the following:

  1. Quick message delivery
  2. Automated system
  3. Customization of the message in local language
  4. Automated update of the system with the status like the message delivered, non-delivered

How can you use bulk SMS service?

We have an automated system of working wherein you need to upload the message which you wish to deliver along with the phone number. The remaining work is done by Value one’s bulk SMS automated system.

In case the system is not able to send the message or message remains undelivered for some reason, the system again tries to send the message in the given frame of time.

Present Scenario

It is expected that the number of mobile phone users in India will reach 730.7 million by the end of 2017 and the number of smartphone users is expected to reach 340 million. Thus you can make use of this growing number to connect with people bulk SMS service will simplify the task for you and you can easily send messages to the target audience.

With the help of Value One Bulk SMS service, you can be assured that your message will be delivered to the desired audience without fail. So without waiting any further, get started and connect with us to avail our bulk SMS service which will help you reach maximum people with minimum effort.


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