Complete Guide to Exam Proctoring Services

Complete Guide to Exam Proctoring ServicesWith the steady rise in online education, more and more universities are opting for online courses for remote students. And with online education gaining acceptance, online exams have also gained acceptance among the students’ fraternity, which has given birth to online test proctoring. But what are exam proctoring services and how do these services work? Read on.

What Is Online Test Proctoring?

Online test proctoring put in simple terms is when you take an exam from the comfort of your home or your office while you are being supervised by a proctor through webcam and microphone.

Since you are taking an exam remotely, to ensure that there are no red flags while taking the exam so that a proctor is not obliged to stop the test in between. Some of the red flags may include – a snoring pet, a cramped hand going out of the camera range, you looking elsewhere, reading the questions loudly, among others. Hence you need to be careful while giving online test using proctoring services.

Exam Proctoring Services and Test Schedules

If you are planning to avail the exam proctoring services of any university, then you must ensure to have all the details beforehand. You can also ask for the test schedules so that you can plan your online test proctoring services accordingly. Most universities offer two types of exam proctoring services – Software Secure Proctor and Human Proctors.

When opting for Software Secure Proctor keep these things in mind: These are the two important things you need to know when opting for software secure proctor so that you don’t face any difficulties while giving exams

  1. The government issued ID: When opting for software secure proctor, please ensure that you have the government issued ID card with you and before starting the exam do remember to flash it on the webcam for verification. The failure of flashing it on the webcam may result in exam cancellation.
  2. Quiet area with no distractions: Any distractions may result in cancellation of your exam hence choose an area that is quiet and free of distractions. Distractions include – a landlord knocking at your door, a phone ringing, or even a pet snoring. In fact, it is advisable to find a room with a door that can be locked to avoid any distractions.

When opting for Human Proctors keep these things in mind: If you want to opt for human approved proctors then these are the two things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Proctor’s information on the registration form: When opting for human approved proctor ensure that you fill the details of the proctor in your registration form and let the person know well in advance that you have chosen them as a proctor.
  2. Proctor’s Details should match with the details filled in by you: Just ensure that the details filled in by you for the chosen proctor match those filled in by them at the time of verification to avoid any cancellations.


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