Five Tips To Save Money On Your Trip To Barcelona

Five Tips To Save Money On Your Trip To Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, as well as one of the most economical, due to its large number of options. Follow the best tips provided by flights to Sweden from London to enjoy a different and low-cost trip.

If you are planning your holidays in Barcelona and want to travel at low cost, you will have to plan your flights with time and book them in advance. Our recommendation is to fly to the airport of “El Prat” because it is, by far, the closest to Barcelona.

From the Barcelona airport, you can take the metro instead of the car or a taxi, buying the special card for people who are visiting the city for a few days. It includes metro and bus (TMB), the local train (FGC), the tram (TRAM) and the regional train (Rodalies de Catalonia). Another option is to use a T-10 ticket (a 10-use bonus ticket), which is cheap and transferable to other people.

Bus lines are another option, with which you can also comfortably see the entire city. Here you will see all the available bus lines in Barcelona.

Find a cheap hotel:
And what about the hotel? Are you looking for a cheap hotel in Barcelona?

– If you are planning to stay near Plaça Catalonia, the Saint Antoni neighbourhood may be a good option. It is a perfect area for a trip with family or friends, where you can enjoy the best food, too. There are many accommodation options in Barcelona.

– If you prefer to stay near the sea, you can choose a boutique hotel on the beach of Barcelona. ”La Barcelona” is a traditional beach in Barcelona, a charming, clean and quiet option.

– And if you are looking for a hotel, away from the tourist crowd you can find your accommodation in the Gracia neighbourhood. This part of Barcelona is near the centre of the city and is an ideal place to escape from the crowds. It is an excellent choice for a romantic trip.

Visit the museums and monuments during the days of free entry:
If you plan to visit some museums, such as the Picasso Museum, the MNAC, or the Pedralbes Monastery, you should know that every first Sunday of every month the entrance is free.

Eat like a native:
Barcelona is a gastronomic city and you can eat very well for a reasonable price. However, keep some tips in mind:

– During lunch hours trying to get away from the main places of tourist interest (Sagrada Family, La Pedrera, ParcGuel, Barcelonnette beach …). Stroll a bit to find better places to eat, with the cheapest prices.

– Stay away from the bars on the beach or “Las Ramblas”. Their terraces are very nice, and the waiters will call from the entrance trying to claim their attention, but usually, their prices are higher.

– Ask for the “Menu of the day”. These menus are what natives usually ask for, especially during weekdays. These are very well priced (about € 10 entree, main course, dessert and drink). It’s a good, pretty and cheap option!

Some hidden places: “The secret (and free!) Of Barcelona”
Some places in Barcelona are unknown to tourists, and for this reason, they have a special charm:

 – HortaParque Del Laberinto (PasseigdelsCastanyers 1 Horta, 08035). This quiet park is unknown even by the people of Barcelona. There are picnic tables if you want to eat there. It is also very well connected to the centre of the city. Take your camera because the: images will be incredible! The same labyrinth is an attraction in itself, you cannot miss it!

– The Carmel bunkers. They offer one of the best views of Barcelona. The best time to visit them is at sunset when you can enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the city.

– Hospital of Santa CreuiSant Pau is a modernist building, full of beauty and art. You can enter and admire the structure and art on its walls. It is very close to the Sagrada Family, but it is not a very touristy place.

Staying in a hotel near these areas can be a good idea because they are calm and charming. If you visit our booking website, you can find cheap hotel deals in Barcelona.

Other things to consider:
We recommend that you bring Euros from your country of origin, because if you have to change the currency in Barcelona they will charge you a commission, so it will be more expensive. You can also pay with a credit card.

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