bulk SMS service

There are thousands of bulk SMS service suppliers in India; however Value One stands out from the remainder with its victory product, powerful API, best-in-class delivery and fanatic client support.

bulk SMS service

100% Bulk SMS delivery guaranteed through Value One. Bulk SMS is that the most popular, thriving communication technique. Bulk SMS helps businesses to send info alerts to their customers. Bulk SMS is cheaper than the other medium of transactional or promotional communication. Additionally, Bulk SMS selling is that the most cost-effective and effective method for selling.

Many bulk SMS firms claim to be the best and provide the most cost-effective SMS resolution less expensive than we get from the operator, therefore here comes a giant question, however, would they are doing that. You ought to be knowledgeable enough to search out the variations. It’s higher to try and do marketing research which provides a plan concerning SMS options intimately

bulk SMS service With highly Open Rates

98% of all SMS messages are opened and browse by the recipient, and on the average among 5 seconds. That alone sounds spectacular however when put next to the 20% average open rates of email it’s even higher. To not mentions the very fact that of this 20 % of e-mails that are literally opened the typical open time on these is regarding 48 hours. Therefore if you wish to form positive that your message is seen by the best share of individuals in your promoting information – select SMS every time

Bulk SMS with Speed and flexibility

All businesses ought to be back-geared to react to the fluidity of the modern business world, as flexibility and adaptableness are key to reacting to the ever dynamic market conditions. With the virtual zero time interval in bulk SMS selling, campaigns are formed of and delivered to their audience in an exceedingly matter of minutes. This will be accustomed drive sound on a slow day or clear recent stock sooner than new deliveries. Bulk SMS service like that offered by text Republic permits businesses to instantly answer the events of the day or to a competitor’s promotions nearly instantly.

Bulk SMS with Highly Targeted

The days, once business owners and promoting managers may send out promoting messages into the ether within the hope that they might land on their target market, are over. For any company with even one eye on prices, it’s currently essential that each promoting message is as extremely targeted as potential. As bulk SMS marketing is permission-based mostly everybody who receives a message can –

a) have already got a relationship with you, and;

b) have united to receive promoting messages from you.

These 2 facts mean these targets are already customers additionally as being hot leads for brand new sales. It’s AN accepted indisputable fact that it’s between five to seven times easier to sell to existing clients than to realize a brand new customer and a bulk SMS service is that the good thanks to market to existing customers.


SMS messages will be individualized to the recipient and delivered to their pockets at intervals seconds. They will even be individualized supported the customer’s previous shopping behavior and demographics. They will even be location primarily based likewise as singly carven supported totally different stores and different regions of the country. To undertake and accomplish this level of personalization in the other kind of selling would be an awfully pricey exercise. With bulk SMS but, it will be in serious trouble virtually no additional price likewise as having an unambiguously powerful impact on the recipient.

Here is some reason for choose Value One

  • You can effortlessly schedule and send customized texts including short links, PDFs, images, surveys, tickets and much more.
  • Value one offers high-quality delivery rate and low latencies with platinum operator connectivity across all major operators in India.
  • Value one allows you to constantly stay in touch with your customers by establishing 2-way communications with the help of dedicated long and shortcodes.
  • With the power of Value One inbox, you can schedule automated replies for your inbound messages efficiently or forward your inbound messages to a URL, mobile or Email.
  • Our comprehensive APIs allow you to integrate your software within minutes.
  • A mobile app to access all essential features of the messenger to manage your account on-the-go.


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