How to Get a Canadian Student Visa

For the past few years, Canada is one of the prominent spots for students to pursue their higher studies. Canadian Universities offers high-quality teaching with a rich culture. Sometimes a student plans to study abroad in Canada but uncertain about “How to Get a Canadian Student Visa?”. Majorly Canadian Universities focus on research, International Collaborations and scientific publications.

How to Get Canadian Student Visa?

Studying in the topmost Universities requires good academic score and permission to study via valid study permit. The study permit is issued to the students when they arrive in Canada. To get Study Visa, firstly you need to apply for the Temporary Resident Visa which is granted by the Canadian High Commission. Now let’s see what are the essentials for getting Canadian Study Visa-

  1. Apply for the University and obtain Acceptance letter from the concerned authority– If you are not sure about the college or the university the decide fast as the study Visa is granted to the students who have obtained the standardized acceptance letter. You can only start Visa process after choosing a university and acceptance letter is just to process your Visa applications.

  1. Check whether Study Visa is required or not?

After selecting your university, check whether you need a study Visa package or not. You do not require a Visa permit if you fall under these categories-

(a) Your study programme will last for six months or less.

(b) You have citizenship of other country but you have an Indian Status registered in Canada.

(c) A family member or a private staff member of a foreign representative in Canada who is properly Accredited by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Canada.

  1. If Eligible, apply for the Canadian Student Visa– After satisfying, eligibility criteria and obtaining valid acceptance letter from the University officials look for the visa package and apply for the study visa.

(a) You can apply both online and offline on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC- Official Website).

(b) Submit required documents- You need to submit:

  – Proof of letter of Acceptance

  –  Proof Identity (Valid passport or Travel Documents)

  –  Proof of Financial Support

  1. Prepare all the documents for the Canadian Student Visa– Here is the list of complete documents required-

(a) Complete Application form

(b) Original Acceptance letter from the university.

(c) 3 passport size photographs

(d) A valid passport or travel documents.

(e) Proof of financial support which claims that you can pay the required tuition fee and other expenses during the stay in Canada.

(f) Proof showing you paid the Study visa permit fee which is CAD$ 150.

(g) A letter of Declaration.

  1. Language Requirements and Biometric test and Interview– For getting study Visa you need to apply for the language test which will test your English language proficiency. Accepted languages in Canada are-



(c) Cambridge English- Advanced Level.

You also need to appear for the biometric test and interview session in your home country. The biometric test fee is CAD$ 85. Some countries are exempted from giving the biometric test.

So now we hope you will get know about How to get Canadian Study Visa? As it is very important to have knowledge if you are planning to study in Canada.


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