Recently bank exams have experienced a new pattern in English language section by introducing some new types of questions such as Coherent Paragraph or odd sentence out.

This type of question will have 5 questions in English language section. Coherent Paragraph exercise does not need any basic knowledge of grammar therefore those who are weak in English still can attempt this question correctly. In this question one has to find the error between two parts in such a way so that the continuity of the subject is maintained

What is Coherent Paragraph?

Coherent paragraph is a logical paragraph in which all the sentences are arranged in such a way that the sentences cannot be interchanged. This exercise includes one sentence which is misfit in the context of the given paragraph.

Misfit sentence has to be identified in the paragraph which is jumbled in the paragraph. You will be given four or five choices which contain the hints of the correct sentence having relevance to the context.

There are certain tips which can help you identify the correct option without wasting much of time, such as:

  1. Identify the general idea

Read the paragraph very carefully and with concentration. It will give you the correct idea about the topic being discussed in the passage. Once you have done this exercise, it will make it easy for you to reach the correct option.

  1. Recognize the opening sentence  

While reading the passage try to recognize the opening sentence of the passage which is the best way to unlock the puzzle given. This question is to test your logical aptitude in English language. Opening sentence will give you the tone or direction in which the passage is written.

  1. Find the appropriate links

The best way to solve such complex questions is to find out the appropriate links relating the context so that you can spot the odd sentence out from the given paragraph. Here your aptitude to solve parajumbles will help you identify the same and thus you will be able to decode the context and the right option. s 

  1. Pour out the difference  

The other way to solve the coherent passage is to read the sentences thoroughly and find the different one which does not go with the theme of the passage. Ideas and actions discussed in the given passage are in the same direction. The sentence which does not match the given direction or tone will be the odd one out.

For example: Read carefully the following sentences or a coherent passage and try to identify the odd sentence out of these.

  • Separately, officers from the States and the Centre are expected to finalize, by this weekend, drafts for four pending regulations out of a total of nine that lay down the administrative procedures and processes to be followed by taxpayers under the GST regime.
  • The Council will meet again on March 31 to consider those drafts.
  • Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has said the Union Cabinet will soon take up the four laws that the Centre has to steer through Parliament, while the respective State governments will take up the State GST law.
  • This will give the Centre enough buffers to make the transition to the new system.
  • Giving lakhs of enterprises just about two months to switch to the GST regime, with all its implications for supply chains, pricing strategies and accounting systems, could lead to a messy start.

Solution E: This option is saying about the one fact to be considered about the centre and state where as the discussion is about the entire system under GST regime. Therefore it is an odd option and does not fit into the theme of the paragraph

In this question, it is observed that the passage and the sentences are on one theme but one sentence is not saying about the context in which it has been talked about in the rest of the sentences. Thus, the odd one out does have the title but the context is different.

These types of quizzes takes lot of time and one can conquer these questions by practicing a lot.

“Practice makes a man perfect” is the right mantra to solve the coherent passages accurately and with less amount of time.

Hope you will be able to practice adequately after going through various tricks to ease your work of identifying the correct answer.

All the best!!!

Author Bio: Above content is written from IBT-Hyderabad (A Top Bank & SSC Coaching Institute) for providing result oriented coaching.


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