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For expected mothers, breastfeeding is the natural process. For the first-time mother, it seems to be scary but it is worth to have this experience. Before going to this phase many expected mothers are curious to know about the helpful tips. We have shared some important breastfeeding tips which are surely pregnancy hospitals Delhi going to help you.

Avoid scrubbing your nipple pregnancy hospitals Delhi

During the pregnancy majority of women faces itching problems on breast and nipple. First of all, avoid scratching the itching area.  Scrubbing the nipple may lead to the chapped and sore nipple.  It is advised to use some cream or ointment whenever you feely itchy.

Be patient

Many women complain about the production of milk. Just after the delivery at initial days, your breast will produce nutrient-rich colostrum which is good for the baby. Typically, women start producing milk after 2-3 days of delivery.


Newborn baby’s food is your breast milk. The breast milk digests quickly and you have to nurse a lot. This way your body will produce the desired amount of milk as per the baby requirement. If women do not produce much milk then they consult the doctor for some medication.

Don’t worry about too much milk supply

Some women produce the good amount of milk, more than required. Here is the solution, do not let milk stored in the breast. If your infant doesn’t take much milk then you can pump it out as long as the baby passes urine 5-6 times a day. This situation is considered a healthy situation.

Cluster feeding

Many babies demand milk every minute so don’t get frustrated. Cluster feeding is totally normal in some case. This situation is normal when your baby is 1-6 weeks old. In general, after nine months there is no need for breast fees. It is just a matter of few months, stay calm.

Tender nipple

Nipples are sensitive body part for the women. The nipple gets tender after non-stop nursing. At the beginning of breastfeeding, you will feel pain. It takes time to get used to the nursing.

Drink often

Drinks lots of water as it takes a lot of water to make milk! You can also drink two glasses of milk daily to produce the good amount of milk for your little one.

Inverted nipple

Many women complain about flat nipple and they face difficulty in feeding the baby. It is difficult at the initial stage but is possible to feed your baby. Over the time the breast tissue gets adjusted and makes the nipple inverted.

Feeding a newborn baby is not a difficult task unless you know the right way to deal with it. If you are living in a metro city like Delhi the dealing with pregnancy issues is not a problem. Many women from the small town go to pregnancy hospitals in Delhi for the healthy pregnancy. If you find some complications then don’t hesitate to change your doctor.


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