SBI PO ExamState Bank of India conducts various bank job exams every year for the posts like SBI PO, SBI CLERK, etc. One must know about the entire process involved in the exams. Let us discuss how to prepare for SBI PO Exam. Though you can join any bank coaching Institute or elsewhere yet you should have a plan in your mind to target SBI PO exam preparation in one month.

SBI PO recruitment exam process involves three stages which are as follows:

  1. Prelims
  2. Mains
  3. Interview

A prelim is a qualifying exam and thus need more hard work and dedication. It also has sectional cut off and overall cut off depending upon the categories of the candidates involved such as SC, ST, etc. Once you clear preliminary exam you can appear in the mains. After clearing mains exam and the interview will be held for the successful candidate in mains. The scores obtained in mains and interview will be considered for the final joining as SBI PO.

Now the question arises that if you have only one month to spare for the SBI PO Exam preparation then what?

Yes, one can clear the exam and prepare for SBI PO exam in one month by following tips:

The exam pattern for the SBI PO Prelims is as follows:

  1. Know the exam pattern of SBI PO Prelims first as it is of qualifying nature. It has three sections such as

–              35 Questions from Quantitative Aptitude

–              30 Questions from the English Language

–              35 Questions from Logical Reasoning

It will have a negative marking of as much as 0.25 per error committed by the candidate. Each question will carry one mark with a total of 100 marks to be attempted in one hour.

  1. Know the cut-offs of the previous year to maintain momentum of your preparation

In the year 2017, the overall cutoff was 51.5 for the general category and the sectional cutoffs were Quants – 8.75, Reasoning – 10.25 and English – 6.5. Similarly, the cutoff status of 2016 and 2015 was also between 45 – 50.

It states that one should prepare good enough to score to a maximum of 55 marks.

  1. After making all such analysis you should plan as follows:
  2. Make a list of cubes and squares up to 20 natural numbers and learn them as these works as a short cut to complex calculations.
  3. Keep Prime numbers from 1-100 on tips to solve the problem-based questions.
  4. Learn to find shortcuts for cube roots and square roots calculations of both perfect and imperfect cubes and squares.
  5. Read the newspaper on daily basis by going through the editorials and important news.
  6. Make a list of the current affairs each day and revise them daily till the examination day.

Also make a note of antonyms and synonyms of the words that you find difficult while reading English newspaper to improve your vocabulary.

  1. Then join online mock test series of any reputed organization and practice as much as you can to know your shortcomings and learning aptitude.
  2. Seek the help of a subject expert to clarify your doubts in case you experience any during exam preparation.
  3. After doing such ready reference studies, you should also know the weight age of the type of questions and topics by going through the previous year examination papers.
  4. In the second half of your preparation take the weaknesses first and improve on it in a week’s time.
  5. Practice daily of the topics you cover in your weak areas to master them quickly.
  6. After doing the entire process of preparation you can come back again to buy ban mock test series and you will find a tremendous change and progress in your learning and understanding.

This whole process will not take more than a month as you have already prepared the difficult topic notes which are the limiting factors for any student while studying.

Hope this plan will serve your purpose and you will get a good study plan to make it result-oriented one.

All the best!!!

Author Bio – Above content is written and published by IBT-Hyderabad Popular for providing result-oriented bank coaching in Hyderabad.


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