Reasons To Visit Frankfurt

Reasons To Visit FrankfurtAll the travellers or travel lovers of the world, today I bring you the inspiration to visit, know and explore the beautiful city of Frankfurt, the German capital of architecture, business and modernity; a wonderful, picturesque place that combines history and avant-garde at the same time, an exotic destination that you must visit at least once in your life.

So, if you are preparing your next trip I suggest you consider this destination, located in the west of Germany, with direct flights from London to Frankfurt, you can go nonstop to visit Frankfurt, the place that has everything you need for an incredible vacation.

Frankfurt is the financial and commercial center of Germany, but in addition to having great commercial movement, this is a city with spectacular landscapes and many natural, historical attractions and shows; surrounded by impressive and majestic places this destination is the ideal place to go alone, with friends or family or in romantic plan, to visit the wine regions, mountains, forests or the castles of the region.

The best times of the year, to visit Frankfurt, is at Christmas, because it has many Christmas markets and the other great season is at the beginning of August when the Main Festival is celebrated, a traditional folkloric celebration.

Gastronomy in Frankfurt

Food is legendary in Frankfurt, who has not hated talking about its sausages or tried the commercial versions, well; the gastronomy of Frankfurt is famous for two things.

  • GrüneSosse (green sauce): The Frankfurt green sauce is made of 7 different herbs mixed with sour cream or yoghurt. It is served cold with boiled eggs and potatoes.
  • Wiener: Long, thin sausages, made of pork and smoked meat. They are served with bread, yellow mustard and horseradish sauce.

Places to visit in Frankfurt

  • The Museum Riviera

A tour of museums that include the Städel Institute, Goethe House and Goethe Museum and the Eintracht Frankfurt Museum.

  • Römerberg

The historical centre of the city with typical German wooden houses.

  • Church of San Pablo

The first building to be rebuilt after the war. The National Assembly created here the first democratic constitution of Germany.

  • Townhall

Previously called Patrician Villa, it has a three-story roof. It’s the town hall building since 1405.

  • Frankfurt Cathedral

 Also called the Cathedral of San Bartolomé, Roman Catholic Gothic-style church located in the centre of the city.

  • Old Sachsenhausen

 Beautiful area surrounded by pubs that offer apple wine, the most popular drink in the region. It has historic wooden houses and narrow alleys.

  • Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art.

One of the most important contemporary art galleries in Europe

Shopping in Frankfurt

  • Goethe Strasse

In this avenue, you can find luxury brands and designer shops from all over the world.

  • The Zeil

Main Pedestrian Avenue of Frankfurt. It is full of departmental stores, retail and specialities.

  • MyZeil

Commercial Plaza in the heart of the city centre with impressive architecture.

  • Wertheim Village Outlet Malls

Located in a picturesque wine region, it has more than 110 outlet stores offering a wide range of national and international brands.

Day trips from Frankfurt

  • Taunus Region

 Taunus Hills Nature Park is a region with mountains and forests, ideal for nature walks and mountain biking. It has numerous wooden houses and ruins of castles that will take away the visitor’s breath.

  • Wiesbaden

Long tradition healing centre with more than 26 thermal water pools.

  • Rüdesheim

Popular for its cruising on the river, it is located in the romantic valley of the River Rhine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to a picturesque wine-growing village.

  • Heidelberg

Popular for its cruising on the river. It houses the oldest university town in Germany and is famous for the Heidelberg castle. The view from the castle is impressive: from here you can see both the Neckar river and the city.


This article is written by M Taha Khan. He is a professional blogger and content writer who writes for different blogs as a guest author. He is a passionate traveller, football lover and a digital marketing executive.


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