Tips for Super foods to baby

Tips for Super foods to baby

You get so confused when it comes to feeding your toddler who is not even one. If you talk about feeding solids to a year old baby, that would sound rather foolish. You need to so a hell lot of research when it comes to feeding your baby. You want the right food to be fed to your baby.

As a mother your main concern is not only to feed that baby but also those proper nutrients are given to your baby. Now for an 11 months old baby or a 7 months old baby, it is just impossible to feed him fruits that would benefit him/her. So the question here arises is that what to feed and what not to feed to a baby who’s not even a year old.

You are newly turned mother and you are curious to learn how and what all to feed to your infant. Research shows that in most cases, a new mother is totally naïve and unaware of the types of food that she can feed her baby. Here are some great and healthy foods that can be fed by any mom.

  1. Introducing solids when your kid is 11 months old is something new for you. As a mom, you are conscious on how to introduce solids to your kid. There are no hard and fast rules of what you feed your baby. However, you need to make sure that when you introduce solids for the first time, you have to be cautious that there is no choking happening.
  2. Pulpy fruits and berries can be fed to your child. Babies eat what they see is good to look at. If the food appeals to their eyes, they will surely eat without any fuss. So try giving them berries. These fruits are pulpy and soft at the same time they give a nice and colorful appearance. Serve small chopped or blended berries.
  3. Babies’ growing brain needs fatty acids and various salts for proper nourishment and growth. If you are a non-vegetarian then try feeding your baby, salmon. Try to mash salmon while cooking and feed it once a week.
  4. A recent research showed that peanuts and peanut butter if fed to the babies help them gain stronger immunity and help them fight various diseases. But always remember that never give your toddler plain peanuts as they might get choked. Instead spread peanut butter on bread or chapattis.
  5. Green leafy vegetable like spinach is the main source of protein and iron. Try to include spinach, guard, and mashed peas in the food that you prepare for your child. Mash all these and give this in form of a paste with chapattis.
  6. All forms of lentils are truly some of the healthiest food on the planet. Feed mashed lentils with chapattis to your baby. This will provide wholesome protein, fiber, vitamins which are essential for the overall growth of your child.

These are some of the healthiest forms of food that can be fed to your child who either a year old or even less. Add a little color and flavor to your child’s food at the same time keeping in mind the nutritional value of the food.

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